Quirinale breaks European series

Quirinale breaks European series

The Conte government’s reintegration, which is the worst in our history, is the daughter of agreements made with Brussels to guarantee us only recovery in exchange for an embankment of sovereignty.

But with Grillini in power, they will waste billions. Only a vote guaranteed by an institutional agreement can guarantee the existence of the country and democracy.

This is an oxymoron of history. One of the worst we could be entitled to. But let it be so. On 19 January, on the 21st anniversary of Bettino Cracci’s death in exile, one of the most outspoken, energetic and decision-making leaders in the history of this republic (as he has never been a socialist), confirmed by the Parliament of Italy Gaya was the wealthiest, most indecent and hesitating Prime Minister ever passed by Palazzo Chigi. However, a prime minister never voted for anyone. Nothing Craxi did not predict from his previous asylum. “Europe, as I have already said, will be the best organ for us. Worst of all, Europe will be hell”. The sentence was heard in 1997 and proposed in “I Speak and I Will Continue to Speak” Is – a collection of articles and statements written by Kraxi published by Mondadori in 2018 – should sound like a warning to those who voted for the reconstruction of Giuseppe Conte.

Limbo predicted by Kraixi is the real reason for the undesirable existence of the current Prime Minister and his government. A chief without the virtues of not getting rid of the majority of turncoats indifferent to the interests of the nation. Some believe that Craxie uttered that sentence, not of political Europe, but of pronouncing the monetary options imposed on us by the Maastricht Treaties.

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But whose daughter is Eurobocracy who imprisons Italy and prevents it from an autonomous development model? It is the daughter of the rules and norms that have crippled our economy for a very long time. The rules and norms have helped degenerate and divide society, pushing it on the kind of Jacobin uprising that crystallized with the 2018 elections. That vote gave the 5 Star Movement a relative majority, devoid of mere ideas and skills. From a confused dream of a personal social redemption. Today that incompetent and incompetent majority, which initially presented itself as an anti-European movement, turned into a real Brussels series. Series to prepare anything to ensure the existence of an executive born in August 2019 for the blessings of the European Union. Grillina is a series impossible to break since the sole real goal of the majority until the end of the legislature of secession and privileges guaranteed by the parliamentary seat.

But this is not just the series. Italy is afraid to see the padlock of those in the Democratic Party and Renzi’s party, who promised the collapse of Europe, 209 billion. A loyalty bonus is guaranteed only when the yellow-red government manages to block the vote and the apparent victory of the center – rightly regarded as a disaster by Brussels. And then here we are in limbo. A limbo that was not even President Sergio Mattarella would be the only one who would have the capacity and the institutional faculty to dare to dissolve. But it would be good to consider other points of view as well as Quirinale. Capturing democracy, stopping the vote and leaving the Italian in the hands of a dominant and false coalition while the country struggles amid epidemic disasters and does not help in curing the national crises caused by the recession. Nor for the redistribution that is the inevitable unity guaranteed to a compact national redemption.

Rather, it contributes to hardening the minds and creating positions of people who are less defamatory, the badly defined sovereigntists. In this context, disregarding the use of elections, the main road to any true democracy (it is no coincidence that the United States, Germany, Scotland, Wales, Holland and Portugal voted and will vote in the midst of the epidemic), There is a risk of exposing public opinion furthering public opinion. The so-called sovereignists accept their positions to win their favor. All the while Mateo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni are aware of the impossibility of the regime in the event of a permanent confrontation with Europe and are not able to renounce Forza Italia’s alliance with moderates, reviewing their positions. Giorgia Melloni, who was appointed chairman of the Conservatives in the European Parliament, certainly cannot be considered the leader of an anti-European movement. At the same time, Matteo Salvini, thanks to the discretionary influence of Giancarlo Giorgetti and other proponents of an institutional curriculum, is also relinquishing his role as leader of European sovereigns. So why not leave the government honoring the national dialogue and the commitments made in Europe – in the event of victory – to a life of commitment, to a vote in the hands of the president, based on commitment. One is certainly less risky which is based on Count Three, which is unable to decide on the use of a recovery plan, which is the only way out of the post-pandemic crisis. An election guaranteeing a preventive commitment to work within the framework of a national and European agreement may represent a real way capable of strengthening national unity. Also, because it makes it possible to make a Grillina political class unsuitable for these dramatic hours. Only in this way will Italy be able to recover the economic collapse in which it will collapse when, after the Kovid nightmare has ended and retrenchment has resumed, the specter of those 2 million unemployed will know Envisaged by honor Already last june.

At that time a strong government supported by a majority of the nation and a commitment to negotiate with everyone, including Europe, would determine the existence of the country.

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