Restaurant Rent Association Mary F. Maryland Announces Legal Action Against Baltimore, 2 Counties Over Covid Dining Sanctions – CBS Baltimore

Restaurant Rent Association Mary F. Maryland Announces Legal Action Against Baltimore, 2 Counties Over Covid Dining Sanctions - CBS Baltimore

Columbia, Mo. (WJZ) – Restaurant Rent Association Mary F. Maryland announced Friday that it has taken legal action against three jurisdictions in the state with the goal of restoring indoor and outdoor dining.

The group’s president and CEO, Marshall Weston, Jr., announced during a news conference Friday morning that he was seeking temporary restraining orders and preliminary orders against Baltimore City as well as the counties of Montgomery and Prince George.

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The lawsuit seeks to set a statewide approved capacity limit at the same level as government Larry Hogan’s recent order.

Weston said the latest restrictions targeting restaurants could close the doors of thousands of people for good.

“The restaurant continues to operate safely, and no evidence has been found that the spread of covid joins the restaurant.” “Relying on the possibility of spread is not evidence, and it doesn’t really happen. If rest restaurants were really a source of COVID, we would have seen a significant increase when restaurants were open at 75% capacity, and that didn’t happen. “

He added that it was “absolutely unfair” to stop eating privately and to lay off employees before the holiday week “because of a government order”.

Earlier this month, Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott, on his first full day in office, announced several new restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including indoor and outdoor dining. Those rules came into force on December 11 at 5 p.m.

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On Friday afternoon, Scott said he had only been alerted about the legal proceedings, adding that the city’s law department and attorneys were reviewing it.

He defended the stern order, adding that the city plans to stick to the four-week period outlined last week.

“What we did was guided by the period of public health, science and counseling,” he said.

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Lawyers representing some of the restaurants said they hoped those businesses would be able to offer indoor and outdoor dining for Christmas.

His announcement comes days after a ban on indoor dining in Arundel County, ru, was blocked by a judge hours before his execution. The ban was designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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Watch the full news conference below:

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