Rome: Campidoglio-Eifel Agreement on Municipal Taxes and Resources

To improve budget analysis and strengthen the evaluation and collection process

The Capitaline Junta has approved a three-year Memorandum of Understanding between Roma Capital and the Institute for Finance and Local Economy, which aims to assist and assist in improving budget analysis and strengthening the assessment and collection process of taxes.

The agreement with the ANCI Foundation, which envisages improving budget analysis and strengthening the process of detecting and collecting financial taxes not levied by the Capitoline Administration, aims to improve the quality of administrative action, particularly spending. Ability to, pay attention to revenue, policy and relationship between municipality and municipalities. The purpose of the protocol is to identify the economic and financial status of the capital of Rome, in comparison to other metropolitan capitals, and to initiate the study of census-linked heritage. The collection and valuation system will also be analyzed and a study will begin on the financial-accounting relationship between Rome and the municipalities.

β€œThe signing of the Memorandum of Understanding with Eifel – the deputy mayor and councilor for the budget, Sylvia Skoczez – is a fundamental step to strengthen the administrative capacity of Roma Capital, especially on issues of collection and administrative decentralization towards municipalities. I am very pleased with this agreement because it will allow us to collaborate with the scientific and human resources of the Eifel, to deploy all the equipment useful to restart Rome’s administrative machinery.”


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