Rome, Campidoglio renegotiate loan with CDP, saving 65 million over next two years


Capital CASA will use the Depositi e Prestiti instrument which allows renegotiation of existing loans. The re-negotiations include a reduction in the financial fee between principal and interest by at least 65 million euros over the three-year period 2022-2024.


(AGR) As part of a wider rationalization of the management of its budget, the Capitoline Administration has decided to use the Casa Depositi e Prestiti tool which allows renegotiation of existing loans. The decision was the subject of a resolution approved by the executive in recent days, which received the final approval of the Capitoline Assembly today.

Re-negotiated the reduction in financial fees to be borne by Roma Capital, estimated over the three-year period of 2022–2024, between principal and interest by at least €65 million, of which approximately €16 million in 2022.

The initiative, with which Roma Capital uses a tool that the Casa Depositi e Prestiti has made available to metropolitan cities, regional capital municipalities or metropolitan area headquarters, is fully part of the objectives of the administration, thereby reducing the impact of financial burdens. possible to reduce. Freeing up resources to be allocated to strengthen urban budgets and targeted services and interventions for citizens, even more so in the current context marked by the energy crisis.

“The re-negotiation with Casa Depositi e Prestiti is a fundamental step in making Roma Capital’s finances more sustainable in the medium and long term. A budget is a necessary condition to meet and overcome the many challenges we face. There is a need to get off the ground like many of the projects we started as soon as possible and that translates into better services, more efficient administration and a city in general that is starting again and on its own. is investing in the future; and as the need to face the energy crisis, however, without the strong support of the new government, the municipality alone cannot cope when it has entered the fulfillment of its functions. I thank the CDP for contributing to this important result that further accelerates our action”, commented Sylvia Skócz, deputy mayor and councilor for the budget of Roma Capital.

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