Rome, trouble for Gualtieri: “the budget is in danger”. appeal to the opposition

  Rome, trouble for Gualtieri:

Today the Scottish commissioner and head of the cabinet, Roberty, called on minority group leaders: “If the maneuvers don’t happen by 31 December, the administration goes into the twelfth: we need your help”.

“Dear opposition, you must help us. Otherwise we will not be able to approve the budget of the Municipality of Rome”. Councilor for budget this afternoon Sylvia Scozzi and head of the Capital Cabinet albino ruberty Leaders of minority groups have been summoned. a meeting, half in attendance and half in callTo seek one hand or more than one hand from the opposition to approve the budget for three years by 31st December. “Otherwise we risk going to the twelfth” was a risk to be taken by the lady who looked after the accounts for the mayor. Roberto Gualtieri.

After a brief example of “maneuvering” we moved on to a “painful note.” And that is, timing: too tight. Hence the request to quota the timer. In the Campidoglio they do not remember the estimated budget in ten days, because the statute requires the further (non-binding) fifteen municipalities of Rome before a definite yes.

Skocze’s idea would be to close with the Town Hall by 23 December and then attempt a final rush at the Julius Caesar Hall before the year ends. ,Unfortunately, we took over in October and not in June, so it was not possible to submit the financial statements on time”. Explained to the commissioner and the head of the cabinet.

In short, the opposition was asked to vote in a joke: zero amendments, no hurdles, no protracted debate. Minority groups – Carlo Calenda’s group, center-right, M5s and Virginia Raggi’s civic office – took time. For now I’m on the number line. “We want to respect the demands of the regions”. And for Gualtieri, the former economy minister, there is now a non-trivial problem on the horizon. In addition to the promise made to the capital: a clean city within a year.

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