Rugby Union – Japan: Players in top league (1/2)

Japon - Les joueurs à suivre en Top League 1-2

6 Nations Tourism 2021 – Against the Irish team, Wales won at Cardiff by a score of 21–16. During this match, the two teams fought a big fight and gave us a pleasant meeting.

After a disastrous year 2020, Melt Set to be a perfect start to their year 2021 and their tournament. However, not everything was perfect in this very difficult game, as is evident from the many injuries on both sides. During the first period, both teams are looking for a challenge, creating rhythm. However, during the first twenty minutes, it is the Welsh who do their best thanks to a better option in their game. Irish Quickly find yourself with a major obstacle. In the quarter of an hour’s play, this is the wing of the third line Peter O’Mahony The one who takes the red card to clean the shoulders, directly into the head of the Welsh column Tomas Francis. in parallel, Leghe Halfpini Is responsible for collecting points with two converted penalties.

Quickly reduced to fourteen, the Irish resist well

Conversely, despite their inferiority, the Irish get their hands on the ball during the second half of the first half. They encamp in the opposing camp and catch Welsh by mistake. Hence, Jonathan Sexton Also passes two penalties. But the best operation is this test at the end of the first half. The Irish are still in the opposing camp and Robbie Henshaw Protects Welsh to enter up to 22 meters. It leads to Josh van der Flier Which comes very close to the in-goal. Fortunately for the Irish, Tdg berin It is there to raise the ball to level and make the first attempt of the game. Thus, Clover’s XV leads 13 to 6 at half-time on Cardiff’s lawn.

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Returning from the locker room, Welsh removed possession and possession but made mistakes. But in the 50th minute, George north, Very active during the match, performs the necessary actions to his team. At Irish 22 meters, the Welsh center takes a hiatus for a fast run, to register their 42nd attempt at the red tunic. This allows his team to revive, following a failed change by Halfpani (11 to 13), who now lead by double digits. Ten minutes later, Welsh came up with a new try. This is the young winger at the moment Louis Reis-Zammit Who scores acrobically in the 62nd minute, at the wing tip. Five minutes later, Halfpenny adds three points (21 to 13).

Wales stronger in second half

In the first half, possession and possession change sides. Thus, the Irish narrowly missed thanks to a penalty in the 72nd minute Billy burnsIs, which replaces a sexton issued on consent. But this time, Leake’s XV is good until the end of the meeting, well helped by this last failed penalty from Billy Burns. Thus, the Welsh gain confidence after a failed 2020. Nevertheless, it would make other arguments to beat England’s recent scorers, next week at Murray’s ground. On the Irish side, the red card would have been too punishable to win in Cardiff. Thus, Clover’s XV will not attack against the XV of France next Sunday in the best possible way in preparation for their meeting.

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