Scotland, Abandoned Village of Lords with Ghost Attached for Sale

Scotland, Abandoned Village of Lords with Ghost Attached for Sale
The Old Abandoned Village of the Lawyers – Fto: CC Flickr / nz_willowherb

with offers starting from 125 thousand pounds, about 145 thousand euros, it is possible to grab a delightful corner of Scotland. The plot spans 13 thousand square meters, overlooks the watery stretch of Loch Tai and includes a beach, a forest, an expanse of grasslands and the ruins of what is left. Lawers. of the ancient abandoned village of, including the manor house, church, an oven and a mill. And for an added touch of generally Scottish charm, there’s also ghost of a woman Which according to local legends roams the ruins at night.

spectrum that would be Mary Campbellknown as the Lady of Lawyers a seer who lived and died here In the 17th century. Like a local Nostradamus, it propounded prophecies that often came true. For example, he predicted that when a tree planted near the church reached the height of the gable, the church will be destroyed, and in fact it was so badly damaged by a storm that it hasn’t been used since.

The Lady of Lawyers must have predicted better then invention of steamship (His vision of “smoke-pushed ships” has thus been interpreted as a posterior) and the train (“cart of fire”). The apparently accurate predictions of the seer brought him a certain fame in life and today he is also worthy page on wikipedia.

Anyone looking to purchase the Charming Ruin Village and Scottish Lakes Beach Package more ghosts, finds on the agency’s website Goldcrest Land and Forestry Group, who also made a video to showcase the beauty of the place.


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