Home Economy Scotland and the United States, Kima . stamp on

Scotland and the United States, Kima . stamp on

 Scotland and the United States, Kima .  stamp on

The mountain is running.

Finlay Wilde and Hilary Gerardi win the Great Climb at Santiero Roma. Extreme Skyres crown del Pero and Compagnoni

Skyrunning day with a capital “S”. The performance of 330 athletes from the Great Race (52 very technical kilometers with 4,800 m of total height difference) on the Santiero Roma and the 150 by the brand new Kima Extreme Skyrace (27.5 km, 1890 m of positive difference in altitude) by the Kima 2022 events But the curtain has been removed.

In addition to the Great Race on the Santiero Roma, Scottish Finlay Wilde and American Hilary Gerardi won the first ISF Technical Prize, the award given by the International Federation on the Most Technical Section of the Most Technical Race. Following the success of 2018 the primacy over Hilary Gerardi and Santiero Roma also won the women’s record over Kima which belonged to Iberian Nuria Picas.

The brand new Kima Extreme Skyrace goes to Luca Del Pero and Giulia Compagnoni.

Being a biennial event, the Kima Trophy will return in 2024 with satellite races aimed at giving thrilling and strong emotions to the strongest runners in the sky.

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