Scottish independence referendum: Sturgeon pressures Johnson

« Je veux un référendum légal, c'est ce pour quoi je vais chercher à recueillir l'autorité nécessaire du peuple écossais en mai », continue de marteler Nicola Sturgeon.

Posted on January 25, 2021 at 3:32 pmUpdated Jan 25, 2021, 5:58 PM

This is a new assault on Boris Johnson and a new challenge to the unity of the United Kingdom. If she wins the general election to renew the Scottish Parliament in May, Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon promised to hold a second referendum on Scottish independence for the first time this weekend … the British Prime Minister’s if necessary Not yet required, without approval.

“I want a legal referendum, this is what I will try to get the necessary rights from the Scottish people in May”, Yet on Sunday, the independence leader’s house kept circling, as far as a reluctance to stay away from the Catalan-style coup, and everyone was anxious to avoid that the liberation process could be challenged again in court.

“Plan B”

If it further hardened its position, it is because of the formation of its independence, the Scottish National Party (SNP) on Saturday adopted the pressure of “Plan B” under pressure from the militants, to further the cause. To increase. A new referendum on the independence of Scotland may be denied by Boris Johnson. Which seems more than likely: He recently warned that it would be necessary to wait forty years before reorganizing such a ballot, after 2014, that is to say, at least not before 2050.

Under the terms of this new strategy, the Scottish Government could implement a provision allowing the Parliament of Holyrode to pass a law usually in areas reserved for Westminster (“Section 30 Order of Scotland Act of 1998”) Thei, which was adopted. For the first referendum in 2014). He would then present a bill authorizing a referendum. The British government had no option but to let it go or take the matter to court.

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52% Scots for Independence

The SNP initiative comes as a recent entry on the force of Brexit, rejected by 62% of Scots in the June 2016 referendum, and Boris Johnson’s handling of the health crisis in England currently pushing Scots to salvation Huh.

It is a warning to Boris Johnson that all the more serious shots, because according to a Panelbase poll by “Sunday Times” published this weekend , 52% of Scots (excluding undecided) say they are ready to vote for independence, and 53% will vote to join the EU. In the first referendum in 2014, the “yes” to independence was rejected by 55% of voters, against 45%. The independence push is not limited to Scotland: According to the Lucidcat poll published on Sunday by the same newspaper, 51% of people in Northern Ireland are calling for a referendum related to the United Kingdom within the next five years.

Nicola Sturgeon would not hesitate to increase the pressure even in the coming months if Nicola Johnson continued to deny the referendum. Already got everything with the angle of attack. “He is afraid of democracy”, He said on Saturday.


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