Scottish independence will cost three times the effects of Brexit, according to one

Scottish independence will cost three times the effects of Brexit, according to one

l’Independence of’Scotland According to a study by the London School of Economics, relayed on Wednesday by the special site, the British province of the United Kingdom could lose up to 8.7% of income politician.

leaving the UK “will be two to three times as expensive” for scotland effects of Brexit on its economy, according to this analysis economic performance center De La London School of Economics (LSE).

There is a lot of trade between the UK and Scotland

The authors of this report point in particular to the fact that the withdrawal of a border between the United Kingdom and Scotland would have a strong economic impact on the province. It actually does four times more trade with the rest of Great Britain and Northern Ireland than with the European Union. A situation that according to the study will not be reversed for several decades.

following a “optimistic outlook”, the cost of freedom will increase by 15% and 30% “pessimistic”. According to the report’s authors, the trade benefits associated with possible re-integration into the EU, a process that could happen quickly, as the United Kingdom (and therefore Scotland) followed all European regulations by 2020, would not be enough to leave the UK. To offset the cost of

study estimates that “The benefits of eliminating customs duties with the EU and free movement of goods will be commensurate with the cost of establishing an external border with the rest of the UK” for Scots.

an intensely strong desire for Scottish independence

This report was, of course, immediately contested by the Scottish Nationalists (SNP), which is currently in power in Edinburgh. The Scottish Secretary of State for the Economy, Fiona Hislop, said on Wednesday that researchers did not take into account other effects of independence, such as investment flows, changes in the tax regime or the Scottish currency. “Thanks to its entry into the European Union, Ireland has significantly reduced its trade dependence on the UK, diversifying Europe and, in doing so, exceeding its per capita national income that of the UK”, he pointed.

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The study comes at the right time for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who, less than 10 years after the 2014 independence referendum, has strongly opposed any new elections.

The Scottish Government complained about the changes on 10 January making Brexit a reality, despite the trade deal that could see Scotland’s GDP drop by 6% over the next decade.


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