Scottish MP wants to investigate Trump Organization Clubs

Scottish MP wants to investigate Trump Organization Clubs

Scottish MPs are calling for an investigation into the funding of Donald Trump’s two golf clubs in the country.

Two weeks after the expiration of his mandate, already an investigation abroad? Scottish MPs are asked to vote on a resolution on Wednesday, asking the government to investigate the funding of golf clubs opened by the Trump Organization in the country and the Trump Organization in Aberdeen. It uses “Unexplained Money Order” (UWO, which can be translated as “Decree on Unclear Money”), “specifies”daily Record“, To investigate suspicion of money laundering. Scottish Greens MP Patrick Harvie told” Scotsman “,” There is serious doubt over the financing of the purchase of its golf clubs, but there has never been any investigation. “Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon assured Given that this is a subject that should be placed in the hands of justice and not Parliament, but the elected member does not agree: “It is high time that the government proves that Scotland cannot be a country , Where any person is with money. Land and property can be purchased without asking. (…) The government will have to trigger a UWO to see clearly in Trump’s dark affairs. “

Donald Trump’s son Eric Trump, who was later entrusted with the responsibility of co-managing the Trump Organization, lambasted the elected Green, calling him a “national shame” in a statement he gave.Guardian“. “If Harvie and the rest of the Scottish Government continue to treat foreign investors like this, it will prevent any future investors from doing business in Scotland, ultimately destroying their economy and their tourism and hospitality sectors,” he said . The style is reminiscent of his father, connecting the elected official with the government – while Patrick Harvie is in opposition. “At a critical time when politicians should be focused on saving lives and reopening businesses in Scotland, they are focused on promoting their personal agendas. As a company, the Trump Organization has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in the Scottish economy, saved Turnberry, a Scottish national treasure on the verge of falling, and made it one of the best hotels in the world. In Aberdeen and Turnberry, the Trump Organization has created thousands of jobs and made a major contribution to the entertainment and tourism industries. “

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An answer for which the elected representative mentioned this during the debate on Wednesday BBC : “As amusing as Eric Trump’s anger, he did not say where his father got the money to buy his Scottish golf course, which is why I am appealing to the Scottish Government.”

Deutsche Bank loan application refused

If the Trump Organization has always claimed to buy Scottish property from its own fund, then an investigation “new York Times»Revealed that Donald Trump tried to take a loan in the middle of the 2016 presidential campaign, to finance Turnberry’s work. Certainly, the billionaire kept the Trump Hotel in Doral, Florida, where he tried to organize the G7 before a dispute over the use of property belonging to his company for such an event. Deutsche Bank, one of its long-time partners, ultimately refused to seize the assets of the man whom he declared himself “king of debt”, fearing to seize the property if he Was elected president of the United Nations. .

In early January, the Scottish media made a visit to Turnberry, a possible visit to Donald Trump, on 20 January following his departure from the White House. But the outgoing president, who left Washington to avoid attending Joe Biden’s inauguration, had chosen Florida and Mar-a-Lago as one of his favorite assets.

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