Searchlight (which produced Nomadland), 4 Oscars in 8 years: Record –

Searchlight (which produced Nomadland), 4 Oscars in 8 years: Record -

The name may not say much to the general public but Searchlight Pictures is a record-breaking film production company. the last one? Producing Nomland winning the Oscar for Best Film in 2021. The victory of Chloe Zhao’s film, which was also awarded as Best Director, gave the searchlight its identity. Fifth prize for the best film in ten years, It is the first American production company to achieve such a milestone. The title was previously held by Harvey Weinstein’s Miramax, produced among others, La Vita Bella and Pulp Fiction.


Founded in 1994 as Fox Searchlight Pictures, Searchlight Pictures has been a part of Walt Disney Studios since 2019. And was a strategic asset of the empire of the first tycoon Rupert Murdoch. Over the years, the production house, which has about 100 employees, has funded and produced major titles. Statues Awarded for Best Film are Birdman, The Shape of Water, Slumdog Millionaire, 12 Years a Slave. But remember too Little Miss Sunshine, the last king of Scotland, Juno, bitter paradise, sideways I the black Swan.

On the website of the production company it says: The title of Searchlight Pictures has grossed over $ 5.3 billion worldwide And has received 26 Golden Globe Awards, 45 BAFTA Awards and 39 Academy Awards. The figures that will be updated now that the company has reached new records. Of course, for the sake of completeness it must be said that Itinerant It was a little gross: about 3 million dollars. A disappointing result that was linked to the health emergency by the closure of theaters. The reputation of the award offered by the academy is undisputed.

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Change at the top

However, society is evolving. Surprisingly, searchlight executives Steve Gilula and Nancy Utpale announced their retirement last week, as reported by the New York Times. I always wonder if I have the strength to cope with the changes in the next series – whenever my contract ends – explaining to Gilula to the Big Apple newspaper. In the end, pride and loyalty kept me going. Kriti has always had a great new film. ‘Well, maybe later Water size, maybe later Three billboards’, I told myself. instead of this. Itinerant It has proved that we have not lost our touch at all, we have adapted quickly to the epidemic. I think I am satisfied. It remains to be seen whether the abandonment of the two pillars for the production company will still allow the company to break new records. A challenge in the era of streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Video.


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