Selling Culture (1/6). Kovid-19: “Places of culture are designated as places of danger”

  Selling Culture (1/6).  Kovid-19:

Susana Gallego Cuesta barely returned from Spain, where her family is, when the very last speech at 1 is French Minister Jean Castex in his great works Kovid. Scottish Shower Effect Guaranteed. “Basically, we more or less understand that we won’t reopen before March … if we reopen! However, like most cultural venues, Musi de Beaux-Arts in Nancy, of which he is the director , Was in the opening blocks to reopen on December 16. But there was an extension of the closure, followed by others, etc.

“It is inconceivable! How can we designate places of culture as places of danger? While museums, theaters, theaters are not small shops where people congregate. We have space, we can take measures of blocking Monitor closely, and if necessary, micro-trips, whatever, we can still restrict the gauge. We have ideas, but they let us work. And live! “

In Spain, the slogan “Culture is safe” today underscores the extent to which, from one country to another, the sanitary system can take different guidelines … “So there, I made myself Actual treatment of theaters, cinemas, exhibitions, etc. Salvator. Because the effect on morale of people depriving them of culture is going to be disastrous. “And being on teams is not far off.

All beautiful all clean

“So far, I have strong people. But unlike other places, our luck is that at least we can continue to operate without visitors. Therefore we remain under protection for a long time. “A work program in particular should be validated if the hypothesis of closure by March is confirmed. He said, “Even though we can expect a beautiful and clean museum when the public has a chance to set foot again, the question is when?”

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Lack of visibility is actually more painful every day. “What is rebellion is the notion that the government states that there is only the Louvre in the world! In fact, these are universes that are collapsing everywhere, and which are not just economic.”


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