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Six Nations Tournament: France crushes Italy, Scotland achieves in England

France’s XV completely dominated the weakest team Italy (50-10) in the competition on Saturday at the Olympic Stadium in Rome to start the tournament in six countries, while the Scots won against England in England (11–10). 6), for the first time since 1983. This is a perfect start to the competition for the French team, which announced Italy 50 to 10 at the opening of the Six Nations tournament in Rome, on Saturday 6 February, and the first after Scotland’s historic 11-6 victory. Achieved it. More than in England. Rejuvenated, more experienced, faster and more skilled than Naziole, the Blues fulfilled their contract, making seven tries, including a double from winger Teddy Thomas, with an offensive bonus key. Fabian Galathi’s contingent, in search of the first title in the tournament since 2010, performed better than their previous match against Italy in the tournament. There were wins (35-22) and bonuses in February 2020, but there was a point difference. Was insufficiently taken care of. And at the end of the competition, with England tied with points, France won the title thanks to a better overall goal average. Antoine DuPont was on top of Thomas, with France able to rely on an excellent Antoine DuPont. Motivated and inspiring, Tolson gave a major performance. The Blues’ scrum-half single-handedly attempted one and provided three assists. Transalpine coach Franco Smith was right to beware of French n ° 9. “Antoine DuPont had a great influence on this team, he is a great leader and a great player. Especially on the rucks”, predicted the South African coach before the match. The other four tries were marked by third line Dylan Cretin. Gayle Fickau and Arthur Vincent, as well as Bryce Dulin. Italy nevertheless saved the honor with an hour to an hour to thank Luca Serperio. But facing these blues, Nazional changed, there was no chance. She conceded the 28th defeat in a row in the tournament. In her second match, Fabine Galthy will be selected from Ireland on Sunday 14 February in Dublin, where she has not won since 2011. The second match of the day, Schacht finished 38th. In a tough meeting in England (11-6) without a win, but where they got a perfect game plan that they knew how to apply more than a win, it was an impression of the dominance given by Greg Townsend’s men , Rarely roamed and mingled in English so quickly, which affected it. The English were a rare indiscipline, with 10 penalties against them in the first half, usually as a whole game. There was only one good game attempt. Take the Scots to powerful South African winger Duhan van der Merwe, who managed to transplant and resist the center three opponents before touching down in the in-goal (0-8, 31st). England will have to bounce back very quickly by acquiring the Italians, while Scotland will host Wales, before heading to Paris to challenge the Blues for a match that already stinks. Of powder.

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