Sisalpipers in the Night and Blues, Folk and Celtic Music

Sisalpipers in the Night and Blues, Folk and Celtic Music

The third evening of Night & Blues Music Review, today 15 July, dedicated to folk and Celtic music with the Cisalpipers group, another nice retreat at the Monastery of Via Mortara 98.

Born in 2004 in Argentina with a passion for the bagpipes, the group has developed their own musical style over the years, drawing inspiration from traditional repertoire from across Europe.

Cisalpipers offer traditional songs, played with a unique and innovative sound with Emilian piva, Scottish bagpipes and historical drums and the group’s original compositions, which then added whistles, voices, keyboard and piano sets, bass, drums go. and collision.

The music of the Cisalpipers is a journey through the centuries that touches on distant eras, one of which is The memory is lost, but each of us, deep down, still keeps the scent, the sound and the sight.

The Cisalpipers have played at all the main folk and historical re-enactment festivals in Italy, with a total number of performances close to 900 since 2004.

The group has two albums, Cornmusica (2008) and Migrazioni (2016) with both original songs and arrangements of traditional songs with characteristic sounds of sisalpipers, which are Chiara Temporine, Piva Emiliana, Great Highland Bagpipes, Lou and Tin Whistles, Marco There are ferries. , Lead Vocals, Synth Keyboards, Marching Bass Drums, David Candini, Piano, Backing Vocals, Percussion, Rudy Gracchi, electric bass guitar, percussion, Mauro Pambianchi, drumset, historical drums, Scottish snare drums, percussion

Admission to the concert is free, but it is recommended to book a table if you want to have dinner, to do so simply visit the website,

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Kitchens open at 8 pm, concert starts at 9.30 pm.


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