Six Booster Shots Before You Go on Vacation

Six Booster Shots Before You Go on Vacation

On the list of holiday preparations: pareos, parasols … and bites? With the progress of the delta version, some concerns are emerging for this second summer under the signs of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in the south-west of France. Should you have your first injection early? Proceed to another or, conversely, delay it? Is vaccination necessary to travel and get a European Health Pass? Would you like to get vaccinated at your vacation spot? Should we vaccinate our children? response element.

Can we make an appointment for our first dose early?

Yes, since the doses are now distributed in sufficient numbers in France, 20 million doses received in June and 24 million are expected in July, according to the Ministry of Economy. So according to the health ministry, finding a place is easy, especially when the rate of appointment booking slows down.

“For the first injection, is
Three million vacancies in three days, so you can find appointments almost everywhere in France.”

general directorate of health

In a press point on June 29

Quick search on official website or on an independent site quick my dose, which explores medical appointment platforms such as Doctolib or Keldoc, confirmed Thursday, July 1, the possibility of accelerated appointments for first doses in large cities such as Paris, Lyon or Rennes.

But it’s still better to take precautions: Caregivers will also go on vacation (well-deserved). Small reminder in passing: In France, only the Janssen vaccine is single-dose, but it is reserved for those over 55. Finally, for people who have already had COVID-19, a single dose is enough to be fully vaccinated.

Is it possible to go ahead or postpone my second dose?

Yes. The health minister, Olivier Veran, announced more latitude on June 15 to schedule his second dose of Pfizer or Moderna Vaccine. As the summer season begins, the minimum gap between two injections has been reduced to 21 days to allow more people to be fully vaccinated while on vacation. Earlier, this minimum period was 35 days, explain France Blue.

According to the Directorate General of Health, Tuesday, June 29, the solution was appreciated by the French: “About 55% of appointments are made with a gap of less than 29 days [entre les deux doses] To facilitate departure on leave. If you leave in August and make an appointment now, that means you’ll get your two doses before the holidays”, he noted again.

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This flexibility also works in both directions. If it is not convenient for you to wait three weeks for your second injection due to scheduling issues, you can also postpone your second dose to the limit of 49 days.

Is it possible to get vaccinated while on vacation?

In France, yes. “He Particularly frequent summer sites, large numbers of drives, or even drop-in centers will have exceptional Barnum-type vaccination equipment”, assured the Health Ministry on June 29. There is less enthusiasm in favor of the Regional Health Agencies (ARs) responsible for organizing these. “Extraordinary Equipment”. “Instructions to be vaccinated before actually leaving”, insists Ars Bretten.

“If a tourist comes, we’ll obviously take him, especially since there are more and more slots available, but no special equipment.”

Ars Brittany

for franceinfo

Further south, on the Atlantic coast, the ARS Nouvelle-Aquitaine also considers it better to vaccinate before the great summer ripens for holidays. Especially if they plan to sunbathe in the Landes department, where the delta version of SARAS-CoV-2 is prevalent, and which goes from “400,000 residents in normal times, over 2 million residents in summer”, We sigh in favor of this regional health agency. but, “Reality Theory“Bound, it declares vaccination equipment “reinforced On the coast” for holidays, as well as for vaccination centers “short term”. Another initiative, reported by ARS Occitanie, exists on the stages of the “Vaxibus” Tour de France, which vaccinates applicants without appointment, whether they are local or passing through.

You received your first dose in Paris and you want your second injection at your resort, near Mimijn (Lands), Saint-Tropez (Var) or Fort-Mahon-Plage (Somme), with the smell of the sea air Ho? It is essential that the two appointments scheduled from the first injection be separated in principle from those taking place at the same vaccination centre. All you have to do is log on to your preferred medical appointment platform to book a time slot, specifying that it is the “second injection”. A special button has been made for this. In the process, don’t forget to cancel the initial appointment you made at your home center, if it lapsed.

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Is vaccination against the delta variant effective?

Yes, but if there are two doses, hit the experts with a hammer. According to health officials in the United Kingdom, the delta variant encountered, which is particularly contagious, has shown its effectiveness against severe forms of COVID-19. In that country, more than 65% of the population has received at least one injection, according to the latest report from the English health agency Public Health England, while the delta variant was responsible for 95% of cases between June 7 and June 21. .

LeeThe messenger RNA vaccine, developed by American Pfizer and German BioNTech, proved to be 96% effective against the risks of hospitalization associated with the delta variant for patients receiving both doses. a previously published study (In English) Posted by British Public Health Service on 14 Jun. The viral vector vaccine from the company AstraZeneca and the British University of Oxford is also showing very good results, with an estimated effectiveness of 92% against the risks of hospitalization associated with the delta variant. like that Study.

Facing mild forms, efficacy will be 79% for Pfizer and 60% for AstraZeneca fifteen days after the second dose.According to a study by Scottish health authorities, not peer-reviewed and not published the Lancet (In English) 26 June. On the other end, youOnly one dose of this vaccine appears “Little or not effective at all” Against the Delta version, as Olivier Schwartz underlines, a . co-author of Intermediate Studies by Institut Pasteur (In English) On the immune response after the first dose.

Is vaccination necessary to cross the border?

Not in principle, but it facilitates travel by eliminating the need for PCR or antigenic tests requested at borders. To know the exact requirements of the country you are visiting, you should check its website foreign Ministry, Which gives state to state advice to the travelers.

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To prevent Europeans from undergoing quarantine, the 27 EU member states as well as six other neighboring states (Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway and Switzerland) have agreed an agreement. european health pass Permission to travel in these thirty countries. To obtain this European Health Pass, officially titled “EU Digital Covid Certificate”, you must either test negative, or prove recovery from Covid-19, or complete vaccination.

This mole was given automatically as a paper document to patients who received a second dose of the vaccine after June 24. If you have been vaccinated before, you can get “EU Digital Covid Certificate” on site, download and print it. You can also integrate it into the TousAntiCovid application by scanning its QR code. Finally, if you are unable to download it from the Internet, you can call 3646 from Medicare, which will send it to you.

note : In a certain number of European countries (France, Greece, Italy, etc.), you have to wait 14 days until vaccinated for this “European health pass” to be valid (or even more for Janssen singles) – dose vaccine). Since each state remains its own borders, and can relax or tighten the rules at its discretion, if you want to avoid ending up in isolation at a hotel, check the entry conditions for your destination one last time. Don’t leave without Opinion without the sea.

Do you need to vaccinate your children to travel?

No. To travel in Europe, a pass is required only from the age of 11 And, moreover, vaccination is only authorized in France from the age of 12. So the easiest way is to use a screening test for children 11 years of age and older. For the youngest, in principle they do not need any health certificate, but still, take a final look before leaving, at the entry conditions set by the country of your destination.

Finally, it should be noted that, in a Notice dated June 3 In place of the vaccine for the youngest adolescents, the Higher Authority for Health recommends as a priority vaccination for those aged 12-15 years who suffer from “Comorbidities (especially obesity and immunodeficiency …)”, as well as those “Immunity compromised or weakly illiterate people”.


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