Solid growth in employment ignites a debate on stimuli – La Voce di New York

Solid growth in employment ignites a debate on stimuli - La Voce di New York

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– Solid growth in employment ignites debate on stimuli. As soon as the Republican Party convicted him, Biden stood up. The dismal report released by the Ministry of Labor tests Biden’s strategy to revive the economy. Businessmen and Republicans argue that presidential policy causes labor shortages and their projects trigger inflation. But the government has shown no signs of wanting to change the course, with the president defending the generous incentives to the unemployed as enshrined in the 1.9 trillion law (so generous, opponents say, that it would leave the unemployed at home rather than seeking work Prompts to live on).) And says that $ 4 trillion worth of infrastructure and other projects will create more better-paying jobs after the epidemic.

Confusing hints on work data in April. Entrepreneurs added 266,000 jobs in April, significantly lower than the March increase. While economists predicted an increase of 1 million. Despite the modest April growth, there are strong indications that the economy is returning to health as infection falls, vaccinations continue, restrictions disappear and retail trade reopens.

Hiring is irregular. With some sectors that number of workers is decreasing. A large graph shows the losses and gains in employment by sectors: they earned entertainment and hospitality, state and local authorities, education and health, construction. They were lost: retail trade, professional services, manufacturing.

A huge vaccine crisis is devastating India. An empire is sustained by huge demand. Serum Institute of India, the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer, made big promises: vaccinate the world’s poor and distribute vaccines everywhere, signing hundreds of million dollar contracts. broken promises. Entangled in the second wave of the virus, India is demanding its vaccines. Other countries are now seeking vaccines in other countries. The head of the company, Adar Poonwall, said that as it is assumed in London, the blame lies with the US who have taken over all the raw materials needed for production.

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The Ministry of Justice adds new charges to the Floyd case. Four Minneapolis policemen have been charged with federal crimes for violating Floyd’s civil rights, another extraordinary censorship by officers over the use of force by police. It is also a rare instance where the main culprit has already been sentenced by the local court and the Ministry of Justice has already sentenced the convict to try the other three.

He went to the “School for Mayor” and wants a job. Eric Adams’ long career span – from a son of a Queens waitress, to a policeman seeking reform, to a state senator to borough president and now running for mayor – is an ode to personal discipline. As they say, their lives have been carefully structured to bring them to the extent of the job they have always aspired to, only in the city where they have always lived. His career makes him unique among the group of candidates for the position.

Trump’s Ministry of Justice obtained telephone records of three reporters. He is a Washington Post journalist, in the period from April to July 2017, for his home phone and cell phone. The editor of the newspaper said: “The ministry should immediately explain its reasons for this invasion of the activities of journalists protected by the Constitution.”

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Refugees suffer from stress. Immigrant children are leaving crowded border shelters but are detained in other centers.

All eyes “Texas eyes”. “Eyes of Texas” is the song of the University of Texas for all occasions Officer. They wanted to cancel it, but all the students revolted.

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For Johnson, a dubious success. “Let’s do the Brexit” in Northern Ireland, areas of “leveling” conflict, has given rise to the separatist movement in Scotland.

Chinese rocket for free. It is less likely to fall in a populated area but is not zero, which puts the country’s space activity in question.

Danger in detention centers. Federal migrant detention centers are among the most dangerous in the country when it comes to covoid.

– Chinese Vaccine Approval. World Health Organization declared The company-produced vaccine Sinopharm is safe and reliable.

A return, but not that of workers. As France prepares for an economic renaissance, hospitality entrepreneurs worry about a shortage of manpower.


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