Sophie Coinguard’s Prejudice

Le parti pris de Sophie Coignard - L’école, vraie-fausse priorité ?

Journalist, columnist and successful writer, Sophie Coinguard presents her political analysis every Saturday in the columns of Paris-Normandy.

The Education Minister has gone a long way to keep the schools open. Repeated interviews in the written press, sometimes interfering with the audio media to deliver far-reaching arguments. Example: We infect ourselves in a lower class than elsewhere, he assures us. Doctors and experts raise their eyebrows to this claim, which is not based on any scientific truth.

However, it is certain that closing schools, colleges and high schools is a very expensive solution in more ways than one. First, it increases the inequalities of destiny and multiplies the number of “dropouts”. The experience of the first imprisonment is to demonstrate this, as well as foreign countries that, like some American states, have closed their classes for Germany, or even for a full year.

It weighs on the morale of children and adolescents who are not with their parents to stay locked in their homes, but on the contrary discover and develop the rules of sociality among their peers. The resulting family lock-up may also increase abuse in some households.

This extreme measure, ultimately, depends on the economy of a country. Since children cannot live alone all day, one of their parents should stay by their side. Telecom, for those who can practice it, is not a solution, as it is difficult to be in your virtual office and on your or your children’s learning console at the same time.

Therefore, Emmanuel Macron and many ministers insist that it is right to keep schools open. But, in this case, and while the rate of closure of classrooms and establishments is remarkable, has vaccination of teachers not accelerated? 800,000 professionals at high risk: Those who commit crimes in kindergarten, for example, neither wear masks nor their students. Of course, serum supplements are rare and have enormous requirements. And the executive did not want to revert to his initial strategy: vaccinating the most vulnerable people as a priority, even if they were not the most transmitters of the virus. An obstetric can be questioned because it has been established that the vaccine does not only protect against disease, but is also against contamination.

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Without the mass vaccination of teachers before the end of April, would it be possible to keep the schools open until the end of the school year? Despite the resolution expressed by Jean-Michel Blanke, just yesterday, during a press conference where he announced that classes would now be closed with the first case of contamination in 19 reconstituted departments, it is doubtful. Devi Sridhar, chair of public health at the University of Edinburgh, advises the Scottish Government on epidemic management, usually arguing for a simple principle: “Children First”. in world, Last Wednesday, he qualified his comment: “We know that children should stay in school, that in the event of closure, the loss is massive. But we must also protect teachers and families ”.

Even within the majority of the president, consent is being broken. Yesterday on Friday, France 2, Jean-Louis Borlanges, MoDem deputy for the Houts-de-Seine and chairman of the National Assembly’s Foreign Affairs Committee, voiced his doubts: “I think we will not survive a school closure, I hope short term”, He said, highlighting ” Emergency stiuation “ Whom ” We have to face it ”.

“Schools must live in an invisible asylum where men’s quarrels do not take place”, wrote National Education Minister Jean Ze of the Popular Front. They should not be held hostage to political quarrels that go beyond their prison d’Autre. Youths already punished by epidemics are better off with political controversies. Therefore, only their best interests determine future decisions.


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