Surprise! Bojo snatches historic seat from Labor despite scandals

  Surprise!  Bojo snatches historic seat from Labor despite scandals

The results of previous local elections in the United Kingdom are another test passed for the British Premier. Success of farmer candidate in Hartlepul, defeat for Labor and defeat of Scotland

Premier victory is historic Boris johnson In the last local elections in Britain. The Conservative Party, which he led, defeated the Labor Party in Hartlepool in the North East of England, known to date – the “Red Wall”.

According to the final data, conservative candidates Jill Mortimer It won against the Labor candidate by 15,529 votes. Paul williams, Which scored 8,589.

These elections are seen as the first electoral test for Johnson and his party following several adversity: Britain’s exit from the European Union, the handling of the epidemic and the scandal of its advisor. Dominic Cummings.

Left flaws

For the labor leader, Kir starrer, This result is a bad omen for the 2024 general election. After failure Jeremy Corbyn In 2019, Starr promised to lift the party. Labor MP Steve reid He told the BBC that yesterday’s result was disastrous: “And that a city like Hartlepool, which has been Labor for half a century, is now in the hands of conservatives. […] The pace of change in the Labor Party has not been fast enough, we need to accelerate it. There is a trust gap between the British electorate and a large part of the Labor Party and we have not been up to par in the last one year. ‘

According to the newspaper financial Times, “Although Labor hopes to retain the mayors of London and Greater Manchester, the next 48-hour election results are likely to confirm the challenging scope of this challenge.”

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Instead, she understood well what Mortimer, the voter candidate, needed and wanted. She became Hartlep’s first conservative woman and MP in the 47-year history of the polling station. A farmer and district councilor for Hamburgleton Council in North Yorkshire, lives in Mortimer Thirsk, about 30 miles from Hartlep. To this day, Mortimer owns land on the Woundels farm in Quinton, where she holds game rights that allow her to fish and hunt.

Prior to living there, the woman lived in London and abroad, including the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean. But despite the propaganda of accusations of staying in a tax haven, Mortimer won over voters. Justification: She went there for her ex-husband’s job, a financial services lawyer.

His campaign proposal focuses on “offering more good quality, local and sustainable jobs, reducing red tape, attracting new businesses and attracting jobs and unlocking opportunities to exit the union.”

Johnson’s success

“A lot of things are coming together for the Northeast – Premier Johnson said – and I think Jill Mortimer would be absolutely fantastic at helping to save it and work.” […] A few years ago no one would have said that this was a seat that the Conservatives could win.

Jane green, A professor of political science at the University of Oxford, wrote on Twitter: “Let’s not forget: Johnson made it through Brexit, the prime minister is popular with those who voted to leave the European Union, the conservative government epidemic.” During the Astronomical Expenditure and observe a successful vaccination campaign. And the economy is recovering “.

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However, conservatives still have one stumbling block to overcome: curb independence in Scotland. In this area, the Scottish Nationalist Party is gaining strength under the leadership of the chief Nikola Sturgeon. It does not lose hope of holding a new referendum on secession from the United Kingdom, now they are out of the European Union.

Picture: Jill Mortimer and a Candidate


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