The balance point between climate neutrality, greenhouse gas emissions and the Earth’s ability to absorb them

The balance point between climate neutrality, greenhouse gas emissions and the Earth's ability to absorb them

achievement ofcarbon neutrality“By 2050 a number of obligations need to be implemented in accordance with the provisions of the European Community, some through” Forest Recharge and Renewable Energy Augmentation Projects.

To “climate or carbon neutrality“Meaning the equilibrium point between greenhouse gas emissions and the Earth’s ability to absorb them. Every time carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere, we talk”carbon fixation“As a result, to achieve the goal”zero emission “It is essential that the production of greenhouse gases is perfectly balanced by the absorption of carbon emissions.

in spite of nature natural sink (forest, ocean and soil), these resources have been over-exploited and by some estimates global emissions have exceeded the total absorption capacity of these natural wells by more than three times.

Supporting forests, the lungs of our planet, which are increasingly affected by fires, often of a maladaptive nature, is the first step towards achieving climate neutrality.

The achievement of zero emissions is subject to coordinated activity by all Member States which requires a concerted commitment on the part of citizens, public administration and companies.

Ale’Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which has been tackling climate change since 1988, is responsible for a range of consequences such as: sea level rise, increased heat waves and periods of intense drought that will be followed by violent floods and increased storms and in the number of storms.

Keeping the global average temperature rise below projected figures is not only necessary, but important. And this is why the concept of climate neutrality arose, meaning zero net emissions, that is, a balance in the balance between emissions into the atmosphere and the amount of gas that the planet absorbs.

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European climate law (28 June 2021) sets a binding target for the Union to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels.

With these objectives, The European Commission operated by Ursula von der LeyenPromoted “green deal europe“A real roadmap full of guidelines and suggestions to make the EU economy sustainable and improve citizens’ lifestyles.

NS police 26 (United Nations Conference of the Parties on Climate Change) which will take place in Glasgow, Scotland next November, will be an opportunity to make real progress on reducing emissions through a just and equitable global ecological transition.


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