The Bolton case demonstrates the urgency of global defense

The Bolton case demonstrates the urgency of global defense

Guaranteeing vaccination coverage in the world is not a right or right option, but a necessary strategy to counteract the virus insensitive to vaccinationism

Ben So far, more than 80 percent of vaccine supplements have gone to the world’s most developed economies.. This is often repeated This uneven distribution, To withstand very severe epidemics such as is currently plaguing India, This is very dangerous because, To summarize with a phrase I used long ago, The herd of famous immunity obtained is a global one.Not of this or that nation. To say it a little more accurately, because the human community in which we live is now a global one, which has been given very strong and very fast connections with every corner of the world, the immunity of the community concerned will never be at a sufficient level. Such as countries such as Israel, where the majority of the population is now vaccinated, and countries such as the Congo, where less than 0.1 percent of the population is vaccinated.

Since I realize that what I say may sound trivial or Third Worldism, Worth it as always To view the data of a natural experiment It is revealed Right in front of our eyes, in the United Kingdom. As we know, this is a nation that has received significant vaccination coverage before us; And in fact daily deaths and hospital admissions due to Kovid-19 are the lowest since last summer. In-spite of this, Emerging as local epidemic Cases in which, lately, have increased considerably. In the two-week period ending on 4 May, in the UK, on ‚Äč‚Äčaverage, about forty infections per 100,000 inhabitants have declined; but yet, In 28 English locations, 4 in Northern Ireland and 2 in Scotland, the infection rate is at least double the national rate, And in particular about half of these areas were increased, not a decrease in cases compared to the previous monitoring period. For example, Hyndburn in Lancashire reported nearly 200 cases per 100,000 people in two weeks, an increase of 211.5 percent over the previous period. Bolton, near Manchester, recorded the largest increase in reported cases; And there are other examples that indicate, locally, the recovery of cases that cannot be clearly stated at a different rate of vaccination or molecular diagnosis.

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Why is it that despite the level of vaccination well above us, the outbreak of the epidemic has intensified again? Possible answer given by Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham, That about the outbreak of Bolton Explained how it is possible that the trigger was caused by the arrival of passengers from India.A country which, for historical reasons, as we know is very closely linked to the United Kingdom. The terrible epidemic that sweeping the health system in the former British colony also appears to be associated with something more contagious – one would not initially suspect, the famous double mutant, but one more – and it is expected, that if When it arrives in a country that has not yet been fully vaccinated, new outbreaks can be quickly ignited locally, especially in view of the fact that many people are vaccinated. Only a single dose of K has been received and that the vaccination campaign is not homogeneous in relation to the products administered, which yet have different properties because it concerns the ability to prevent infection.

Let us try to take these figures towards the future, replacing England with the richest countries in the world. Let’s imagine all those covered more than the current UK vaccination rate, and imagine that in the Third World instead the virus continues to multiply, kill and top all mutates. How long do you think of major outbreaks returning from those countries with infectious and less immunogenic variants already occurring in England? How safe do you think you can let the virus feed on the bodies of less fortunate people, but we are, compared to many other inhabitants of the world, until something worse happens that hit us in early 2020 I went? Do we want to rely on the famous “good virus”?

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Making homogeneous vaccination as possible around the world is not a left or right option; Tackling the insensitive Darwinian replicator to vaccine nationalism is an essential strategy.


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