The Celt is a symbol of Scottish identity

The Celt is a symbol of Scottish identity

story – This Friday, France challenges the XV in a decisive match to win in the Six Nations tournament … in front of an empty stand, which usually abounds with supporters in the Tartan.

Following tradition, source of good nature, old dress? In France, there are many assumptions about gilt. However, in Scotland, this woolen cloth is a serious business, which has been in operation since the early 18th century.I century.

If it was attuned to rustic work, it was not in its original form, ideal for industrial work.

Anne-Marie Thiese, Historian

Its history begins in the highlands, the northernmost mountainous region of the country, where winters are harsh and populations are poor. Two conditions, which, according to legend, of a Lancashire blacksmith, would nurture the appearance of the dress. Exploring a forest in the region in search of fuel, the man sees his logger dressed in a simple plaid covering the body and belts around the waist like a toga. An outfit suited to the hard work put on it, and that it would have been modified by a tailor of his knowledge: therefore, its employees would wear only the bottom part, preventing a fleece skirt above the knee. “If habit was intended for pastoral work, it was not in its form

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