The crazy result of the Scottish auction for offshore wind: 17 projects for 25 GW of power

The crazy result of the Scottish auction for offshore wind: 17 projects for 25 GW of power

Crown Estate Scotland announces that the lot will be allocated to power generation projects through auction offshore windachieved excellent results, and 17 projects With the highest score out of total 74 applications filed.

In addition to generating projects, approx. 700 million pounds of commission, can lead to 25 GW installed power, To understand the significance of these figures, it suffices to consider that Scotland currently has a total offshore capacity of 2 GW.

Magnora’s smallest project is expected to have a 495 MW plant, while there are several plants of 2 to 3 GW, with important names such as oysters, BP or Vattenfall. All the plants that actually reach final construction will not only guarantee renewable energy for the country, but also economic growth and jobs. It is estimated that at least 1 billion pounds Investments in the supply chain for each GW of electricity, in addition to 700 million in government revenue.

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon is clearly satisfied, especially as the auction went beyond expectations. ,The scale of opportunity depicted in today’s announcement exceeds our current planning assumption of 10 GW of offshore wind, which is a huge vote of confidence in Scotland.“, he announced, adding:”Those currently working in the oil and gas sector in North East Scotland can be confident of their future opportunities“, emphasizing also positive impact on employment,

Now individual projects will have to go through the subsequent stages of programming, final authorization and implementation, and if one of these should be blocked and cancelled, the relevant authority will pass that project to the higher ranking which for now. has been laid out.

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