The disturbance occurred in Nova Scotia; he should step back

  The disturbance occurred in Nova Scotia;  he should step back

Nova Scotia’s decision to impose stricter rules on travelers to New Brunswick does not pass. While the Trans-Canada Highway was blocked in protest, the situation is a reminder that governments cannot take away our rights arbitrarily, and especially not for political reasons that have anything to do with health imperatives. is not.

New Brunswick presented its three-step roadmap for lifting health restrictions in late May. It provides that travelers from the rest of Canada who received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine will be allowed to return to our province without self-isolating until July 1.

However, in mid-June the conditions (75% of eligible New Brunswickers who received the first dose and 20% of those 65 years of age and older who received the second dose) met more quickly than expected. So Prime Minister Blaine Higgs allowed the transition to Phase 2.

Ian Rankin, who has only been Nova Scotia’s premier for a few months, didn’t take it. He said it added an element of risk and imposed new restrictions.

Of these, citizens of New Brunswick who have received a second dose of the vaccine for at least 14 days must self-isolate once in Nova Scotia until they receive a negative test result.

Nova Scotia is a landlocked province, with only land access to the rest of the continent through New Brunswick. The announcement of the extension of sanctions was received very poorly there. Ian Rankin is accused of leading a retaliation with Blaine Higgs and violating the rights of all his fellow citizens to go back on his word.

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It must be said that Mr. Higgs did nothing to put out the smoldering fire. He did not consider it appropriate to consult his Atlantic partners before changing the rules of the game. Rankin also says that he tried to reach out to Higgs several days ago to discuss the situation, but in vain.

We are not surprised.

Blaine Higgs has never stood out for his ability to bond, especially with people who don’t wear the same political colors as him (the liberals are in power in Nova Scotia).

In what seems like a freak, Premier Rankin has banned travelers from New Brunswick without proving they are effective, reasonable and necessary.

It fell back on him. A member of the opposition called for mobilization, which was heard.

The four Atlantic premiers held discussions on Wednesday, but were unable to resolve the standoff.

The RCMP had to resolve to intervene. Indeed, the road blockade has consequences. There is one hospital in Amherst, very close to the New Brunswick border. Patients and health workers were also unable to reach their destination.

We believe that the government of Nova Scotia should step back and step back. And not just because of the blockade.

It is not easy to live on the right side of the line between necessary restrictions and those that are not.

Take the example of New Brunswick. The choice to close its borders to the rest of Canada during most of the COVID-19 crisis was the right one and helped save lives.

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On the other hand, the initial exclusion of Temiscotta and Avignon from the Atlantic bubble, when the epidemic was under control in these regions, was unacceptable. The ban of Listuguese students to his school in Campbelton was shameful. That’s all it was forcing passengers to stay on probation in hotels chosen by the government.

Restricting the rights and privileges of the population is a huge responsibility. This cannot be done lightly.

In this case, there is nothing to show that the accelerated passage of its second phase of dissolution, including the opening of borders to other New Brunswick provinces, has a negative impact on the health status of us and our neighbors.

Blaine Higgs is right to stay the course.

Nova Scotia acted hastily and recklessly. It has economic, political and social consequences. It doesn’t take him long to admit his mistake.


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