The European Union’s parliament improved immunity for Puigdemont and two Catalan MEPs. And Spain snatched away the semi-independence of the 7 independence leaders

  The European Union's parliament improved immunity for Puigdemont and two Catalan MEPs.  And Spain snatched away the semi-independence of the 7 independence leaders

Carles Puigdemont, Clara Ponsati and Tony Comyn, three Catalan separatist MEPs who fled abroad after the 2017 referendum for Catalonia’s independence, no longer enjoy parliamentary immunity. This was decided by a majority of the Eurochamber meeting in Plenary A Brussels. Yes for the former president of Catalonia 400, 248 no and 45 restraint. Against Ponsati, 606 yes, 24 no and 72 and finally comin 707 yes, 24 42 and 72 abortions took place. Waiver of immunity opens the way for a new examination by Belgian justice Extradition request Issued by Spain against Puigdemont and Comine living in Belgium. Ponsati live in instead Scotland, A country which has postponed this examination pending the decision of the MEP. And even today a Spanish court has quashed the quasi-independence that was in January Seven Catalan Independence Leaders, Sentenced to between nine and 13 years. During campaigning for regional elections, after enjoying the freedom of movement during the day, Seven must return to prison immediately.

European Parliament Decision – For the Spanish Foreign Minister, Arancha Gonzalez LayaThe decision of the Parliament of the European Union has only one meaning: “Problems of Catalonia They are resolved in spain, Not in Europe ”. The Madrid government’s line, he said, is “access to Catalan political forces to find solutions through dialogue and negotiation”. Request to waive immunity for three elected leaders, elected Al European Union Parliament In 2019, it was advanced a year earlier by the Spanish Supreme Court, but the time has been extended due to the epidemic. The result of the vote in the plenary was actually taken: a Legal committee In Strasbourg, in fact, competent in this matter, he had already expressed his favorable opinion against 15 yeas, 8s and with two restraints. Spanish judges accuse Puigdemont, Ponsati and Comin Insurrection Following the events of 1 October 2017, when Catalan was called to vote in a referendum on independence, which was never recognized by Madrid.

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Stop the quasi-independence regime – Decision of Penitentiary Supervisory Court Number of 5 Catalonia A quasi-independence regime given by the regional government to the former Catalan Vice President has been abolished. Oriole JunkresFormer regional councilors jordi Turul, Josep Rule, Raul Romva And Joaquim Forne, and leader of civil unions ANC and Omnium, Jordi Sánchez and Jordi Cuixert. All were condemned for their role in the 2017 separatist effort.


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