The family of the deceased public worker claimed the grocery chain over the mask policy policy

The family of the deceased public worker claimed the grocery chain over the mask policy policy

In March, the virus spread rapidly across the country, with Guterres asking his employer if he could wear face wear to his South Beach store, but he was denied, claiming his daughter had filed a lawsuit against him in Miami court on Monday.

According to the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, which represents 900,000 grocery workers, at least 131 grocery workers have died from Covid-19, according to the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union. The actual mortality is probably higher because the group does not represent all chains and companies Do not always share in public when workers are infected with the virus.

The lawsuit alleges that most grocery stores encouraged employees to wear masks and other personal protective equipment when they were not in public.

“I offered to give him a mask,” Guterres’ daughter, Ariane, recalled in an interview with the Washington Post. “Publics don’t wear masks to their employees,” he said. They are concerned about intimidating customers. ”

The public did not respond to requests for comment from the post or local news outlets about the lawsuit.

The daughter of Guterres, a Cuban immigrant who prefers to visit Florida’s Sunny Beach and ride her scooter, said a co-worker came home from work in late March.

“I think for his kids, he tried to be scared, but I know he was scared,” his daughter said.

Four days after he was called quarantine, Guterres developed a fever and coughed. For more than two weeks, he fought for his life in the hospital. He died on April 28 from a virus that has now killed at least 259,000 people in the United States.

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If public workers had previously been allowed to wear masks, Guterres’ death might have been avoided, said Michael Levine, the family’s lawyer.

“If his coworker isn’t wearing a mask and he can’t wear a mask, what do you think?” Levin asked. “This was inevitable.”

At the onset of the epidemic, workers and consumers alike complained to the Safety, Capital Safety and Health Administration that public employees did not wear protective equipment because managers were concerned about intimidating shoppers, according to public records obtained by Levine and reviewed by post.

Palmetto Bay, Fla .; Employees at a store in “could not wear gloves or masks because they claimed to be intimidating customers because they were corporate corporate”, according to a complaint filed by OSHI on February 19, accusing the federal agency of maintaining workplace safety.

“You can either work without a mask or go home,” one worker was told, according to the lawsuit.

From late March to early April, the company responded to related messages on social media, To say People say that “wearing a face mask is not the best way to prevent foodborne illness,” the Miami Herald Report. He then went on to say that workers could wear masks but did not have the supplies to supply them.

In April, the company told the Tampa Bay Times, which first Reported on the lawsuit, That its stores follow guidance by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The federal agency began recommending on April 3 that ordinary people wear clothing face covering in public settings where social distance was not possible.

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In one Check, The Times reports that the public is lagging behind its competitors in taking public health precautions. Merchant J began distributing masks to workers in early March, and according to the companies’ websites, April Lamart, Kroger, and LDA began doing the same in early April.

Months after Gutierrez’s death, his family is preparing for Thanksgiving without him, missing his patient’s ears and broad smile.

“Holidays are the time you spend with your family and you talk about things, old times and good times and the future.” “It’s not about being a part of our lives anymore, so it’s a very good time for us. It’s not a happy time. “

The report was contributed by Abha Bhattarai and Christopher Ingram.


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