The government said that more than 1,000 civil service jobs will be moved to Scotland

The government said that more than 1,000 civil service jobs will be moved to Scotland

The government said that more than 1,000 civil service jobs are to be moved to Scotland in the coming years.

In addition to the previously announced Secondary Cabinet Office headquarters in Glasgow with 500 employees by 2024, officials said that by the middle of the decade more than 500 Foreign Office officials would remain stationed north of the border.

A part of Boris Johnson’s long-awaited Integrated Security, Defense and Foreign Policy Review – released this week – Dominic Raab will confirm the relocation of staff to his department’s office in East Kilbride, bringing the total number of officers to 1,500 Will go.

The Foreign Secretary said that Scottish authorities are ‘at the forefront of Britain’s diplomatic influence’ as the government prepares to host an important climate change summit in Glasgow this autumn.

He said: “There can be no clear demonstration of commitment to our joint headquarters in East Kilbride from today’s announcement that 500 additional jobs at the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office will arrive in Scotland.

‘This will further ensure that the civil service represents all parts of the UK and will give a boost to the Scottish economy.’

However, GMB Scotland Union Secretary Gary Smith said jobs and investment were welcome but would not “solve many deep-rooted problems”.

The move has also been taken within the government over the future of the union, with Nikola Sturgeon’s SNP calling for a second independence referendum if his party wins the election in May with a majority.

Michael Gov said that the secondary office of the Cabinet Office in Glasgow would “co-locate the UK government machine room in Scotland, bringing decision makers closer to the communities they serve”.

The cabinet minister said the move would “ensure closer cooperation between the two Scottish governments as we tackle the Kovid-19 epidemic together and work to create a sustainable recovery”.

He added, “This will not only create new jobs and investment in Scotland, but it will strengthen the diversity of Britain’s civil service, making Westminster the best way to make policy and Scottish voices, which we do . “

Alex Chisholm, Director of Public Service Operations and Permanent Secretary of the Cabinet Office, said: “Public service must harness the talents and skills of individuals and communities in the UK.

“With the Cabinet Office setting up our second headquarters outside London, we are opening up opportunities for our current staff to develop their careers, while also drawing on a new and diverse pool of talent.


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