The House of the EFA Group of Parliament approved the proposals of the Alliance Valdtaine –

The House of the EFA Group of Parliament approved the proposals of the Alliance Valdtaine -

The Alliance goes beyond the boundaries of the Valdeten Petite Patri and sees the European Parliament as a negotiator for concretely addressing the political and economic problems of the Valley.

He did this by actively participating in the meeting of the European Parliament’s EFA Group of Deputies where he presented two proposals which were approved unanimously.

A resolution commits EFA Group MEPs to:
Given the ongoing climate change, its impact on the alpine regions, the specifics of the mountain economy and agriculture, taking into account the problems of the mountains, living in the mountains and supporting initiatives that support “heroic agriculture of the mountain” , in addition to creating fruitful synergies between different sectors; The second part deals with the Treaty on the European Union which reads: “The Union respects the equality of the Member States”. […] including the system of local and regional autonomy “.

“The Joint Declaration of 10 March 2021 of the Presidencies of the European Parliament, the European Council and the European Commission on the basis of which the Conference on the Future of Europe was launched – explains Albert Chatrian, coordinator of the AV, expresses satisfaction with the acceptance of the two documents – But the hopes of regional autonomy are still unsatisfied and there is an awareness that the sub-state authorities, in sync with the state level, should take an increasingly proactive path in the governance of the union”.

For this reason the resolution is committed to “recognizing, sharing and activating, in appropriate places, the recognized and active role of regional autonomy, and particular regional autonomy, in the legal system of the European Union”.

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Ale’european free alliance ,aleEnglish: european free alliance, and makes) this is a european political party which brings together 45 parties and movements that support the policies of Regionalism, autonomy, independence[1][2] or similar to federalism you hate self government[3] for his area or for the so-called stateless nation,

As of 2021, four European regions are governed by ALA member parties: the Flanders from Jan Jambon ,New Flemish Alliance), were Scotland from nicola sturgeon ,Scottish National Party), were Catalonia from pere aragones (Republican Left of Catalonia) and Corsica from Gilles Shimoni ,Femu in Corsica,

To European Parliament is part of ALE parliamentary group left center Greens/European Free Coalition, Nevertheless, three MEPs of the New Flemish Alliance are sitting group of european conservatives and reformists and MEP Basque Solidarity sits in left group,

To european committee of the region ALE members sit in groups european alliance(source Wikipedia)



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