The main theme of the 15th Red Night at Linz Castle was the autumn election.

The main theme of the 15th Red Night at Linz Castle was the autumn election.

Linz. The 15th Red Night of BSA Upper Austria was dedicated to the upcoming municipal council, state parliament and mayoral elections in September.

Hundreds of guests from politics, business and culture spend an atmospheric evening at Linz Castle on August 26, 2021. “I am particularly pleased that our big summer party can happen again this year after a year-long involuntary break,” said Upper Austrian BSA president Stefan Etzelstorfer.

early signs for election

“Red Night is also an early sign for elections in September. Together with the SPO we are fighting for a forward-looking and progressive policy in Upper Austria”, the host of Red Knight underlines the importance of the upcoming election.

Proceeds from this year’s raffle will go to the non-profit organization “PC for All,” which provides technical resources to those in need, and especially to school children and youth, so they can experience school, social and educational partnerships.

Party leader visits Linzo

The number 1 topic of conversation that evening was the municipal, state and mayoral elections on 26 September. SPÖ Federal Party President and NR Club President Pamela Randy-Wagner, State Party President and Social State Councilor Birgit Gerstorfer, Linz Mayor Klaus Luger and BSA President Andreas Malath-Pokorny presented this important directional decision in the autumn in front of hundreds of people. carried forward. of visitors to the Red Night.

Pamela Randy-Wagner, president of the SPO federal party: “Along with Vienna, the economy of Upper Austria is one of the top domestic sectors. Unfortunately, when it comes to childcare and work and family compatibility, Upper Austria is at the bottom of the list. Only a strong social democracy in Upper Austria can correct this imbalance in the years to come.”

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Gerstorfer: “Want to be the second strongest force again”

State Party President and Social State Councilor Birgit Gerstorfer outlined the priorities of the Sp Upper Austria for the upcoming state elections:

“The aim is to become the second strongest force again in Upper Austria to make people’s lives even better and easier. It’s all about the best education, safe and high-quality care for all children and the fight for every job.” Is.”

The upcoming municipal council and mayoral elections are also an important setting for the mayor of Linz, Klaus Luger:

“At Linz, we strive to gain the confidence of the people in a city policy that is open to the world, ready to perform and committed to solidarity. Linz will continue to be the technology and industrial capital of Austria as we facing climate change. And: we favor generosity rather than patriarchy.”


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