The world’s first crew hyperloop trip was a success

The world's first crew hyperloop trip was a success

Sarah Son

In a Q&A with Engadget prior to the test, representatives from Virgin Hyperloop told us that a great deal of attention has been paid to safety, given the level of probability of provoking travel. Both walked out of the tube and showed different exit points and procedures so that should things fail, they could get out of the capsule. Hyperloop said the pair would be in constant contact with the company’s control desk throughout the test.

The pair traveled to a new, second generation generation Hyperloop pod, XP-2 codename, “Pa gas gas pod.” The XP-2 was built to comfortably seat and support two passengers. Both seats have a five-point harness, which you can find in a race car, but that’s the only change used for testing. This is because the pod was designed to mirror the actual hyperloop journey in as many ways as possible, and the idea of ​​real things is done like a subway ride rather than a rocket.

Internal shot of Virgin Hyperloop's XP-2 "Pa gas gas pod" Internal in anticipation of the first crew hyperloop test.

Thomas Yim / Virgin Hyperloop

To maintain a comfortable experience for acceleration and braking, the speed of the capsule in this test was limited to 107 miles per hour. It is less than half the top speed of the pod in the tube, which is the maximum exit 240 miles per hour During tests in late 2017. This is mostly below the length of the tube: not as long as 500 meters to reach the speed the company promises. It is likely to display faster when another hyperloop feature is built West Virginia.

“This is our lunar landing,” a company spokesman told Engadget. Demonstrating that the pod is safe for human consumption is a major milestone in its journey. It can also encourage more investors Regulators To go on board to assist Bankroll in the next stage of its evolution.

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