They are called “Vaccine Certificates”, which are used to keep the economy open.

They are called

In Israel, it’s called the “Green Pass” and earlier this year it became the golden ticket to pass the bouncer, in some way, at the country’s best clubs, restaurants, sporting events, and much more that you’d live with before. Viruses add up.

This week, the Italian government announced that a pass would also be used in almost the same way. And in France, the “health passport” will be used as a tool of encouragement from August covid-19 vaccination And authorization for health workers: no shots, no entry to discretionary locations.

Although it is unclear whether the Ontario government will consider implementationvaccine certificateExperts, academics and members of the county’s science-based COVID-19 policy advisory group say this type of measure is not only necessary, it is necessary. That means, he says, if we want to go to a store, our workplace, or watch a game of Jays get our hair cut or earn money — back to normal.

“We must recognize the imperative of these certifications if we are to keep the economy open,” Peter Johnny, Scientific Director of Scientific Advisory Table, released a summary of the benefits of vaccine certification on Wednesday.

“In the long run, this is the only way to keep Delta under control without any restrictions,” he said, referring to the highly contagious Delta variant of COVID-19. “It’s a good way to be ready now, so we have these certificates in our back pockets when we need them.”

For the first time since April 20, there were signs of a rapid increase in cases in the county, says Johnny. That means vaccine launch efforts have so far been paid off, he says, and the county needs to be creative if it reaches the levels needed to vaccinate more people and test new alternatives during the lockdown. Including the need to reach the required level without resorting to restrictions. Johnny says more than 90% of the population, including children, will need vaccinations for Delta screening.

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“If we have to ban again, we want to be specific in our restrictions to protect people who haven’t been vaccinated,” he says. “Certification is the best way to determine who is sure they are in high-risk situations like gyms, indoor restaurants and entertainment venues.”

The 21-page science program summary states that after the federal government has indicated it is working on a vaccination passport for use in international travel, certification will be issued at the county level. Parts of the United States have already implemented vaccine certification. Other provinces, including British Columbia, Nova Scotia and Quebec, are considering the measure.

In an email to The Star, Health Department spokeswoman Alexandra Hilkin said the county will not vaccinate and for now a hard copy and/or digital receipt confirming vaccination is being issued to those who have been vaccinated. . He also wrote that the federal government should “implement a single national system, including proof of vaccination, recognized by Health Canada and our international partners.”

While the evidence can be used in a number of ways to control the spread of the virus, summarized, they will also become another tool in the county’s arsenal to help target hitherto unvaccinated. But it would require government leadership, a regulatory framework that provides “guidelines and standards for fair use” as well as cooperation between provinces and territories.

David Superman, a marketing professor at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, says the government needs to start work on the certification as soon as possible, although politicians and public health officials still don’t know how it might be used in the future. Is. .

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Superman believes that, depending on how you frame them, the evidence can be used as a carrot and a stick.

“If you need to join the Blue Jays or continue your current job, this will be a stick,” he says. “If Starbucks decided on Wednesday to offer free coffee to anyone who shows a vaccination certificate, it would be a carrot.”

In this case, he says, since being vulnerable is dangerous, it’s important to be considerate. We don’t want to say ‘if I get close to the rock, I’ll use three jellies instead of one. “

For more than 70 years, people have needed vaccinations against certain types of pathogens, and this is “essential to care for others during or after a pandemic,” said Charles Pascal, OISE professor and former educationist. Deputy Minister says. Ontario.

In addition, he says, people should be required to prove that they have been vaccinated in order to access certain parts of the community, such as a ball game or movie, and he does not accept the argument that it is personal rights. will violate.

“When the prime minister uses false arguments like ‘freedom,’ such as privacy and constitutional rights – that the people have the right to be reserved whether they have been vaccinated or not – I’m sorry, it won’t last, it will be someone else ,” says Pascal.

“You want to kill yourself, go ahead. But you shouldn’t have the right to put me and my vulnerable children or parents in danger. Point.”

Michelle Henry is a Toronto-based journalist for The Star, who writes stories about health and education. Follow him on Twitter: Embedded Tweet
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