This absurd panic will cost us our health, our business, our education, our livelihood… and our children.

This absurd panic will cost us our health, our business, our education, our livelihood... and our children.

In recent days, we have seen an absurd panic over the Omicron version of the coronavirus.

For my part, I’m really fed up with these endless frightening “variations” that are happening.

The lesson from Boris Johnson’s Christmas party should be that we don’t need lockdown anymore – they need to help us live normallycredit: La Mega Agence

The virus is deadly to very few, dangerous to others, and completely unimportant to most of us.

We have to stop living like this virus is Ebola. this is not the case.

But much of the media in this country – and the BBC in particular – is taking it in a completely different direction.

When a new form of covid emerges, they don’t ask, ‘How can we continue to live normally?

Instead, they ask, “How can we go back to complete lockdown?” ,

The same is true with decentralized legislatures in Scotland and Wales.

They never ask if they can be less restrictive than Westminster, but only brag about doing more.

Welsh and Scottish journalists and tenants all ask the same thing: “Why doesn’t No10 restrict the audience more?

They never ask, “How can we let the public live our lives and stop living in fear?”

But they should.

Because now we know the very high cost of imprisonment.

And we know that people don’t want lockdown anymore.

Indeed, before this latest panic, 52% said they would oppose any introduction of a new lockdown, according to a YouGov poll for the Times.

The list of damages done to this country by imprisonment is indeed too dark to read.

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He touched each and every one of us in a way we could never have imagined.

Let’s start with the impact on his health—the one thing these blockages are apparently designed to protect against—which was staggering.

Huge NHS Backlog

We all now know that the NHS has a huge backlog followed by an increase in undiagnosed diseases, which has resulted from the NHS focused solely on COVID.

Cancer in particular.

According to a report released last week, 740,000 potential cases that should have been referred to general practitioners immediately have been “missed”.

We know that the children of our country have lost years of education.

Ofstad chief Amanda Spielman explained it in no uncertain terms this week.

She revealed that millions of children have become “lonely and miserable” and some have even lost the ability to hold a knife and fork.

And if that’s not outrageous and heartbreaking enough, there’s a pretty frightening ripple effect.

It is the neglect of the most vulnerable in our country, such as the younger Arthur Labinjo-Hughes, who were overlooked by a social security system that suspended many of their jobs during the lockdown.

As Spielman so devastatingly put it, “There are very few children who are safer in school than they are outside. We have to accept that by closing schools we are making this minority less safe. ,

We also know the backlog in our criminal justice system.

locking cost

And we know that businesses shut down and livelihoods destroyed.

Economy on its knees.

As of last night, the Institute for Economics reported that Plan B – the first burst of a foreclosure, let’s be honest – could wipe out 2% of the UK economy.

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Well, that’s £4bn per month.

Of course, there are other disadvantages as well that we can discuss.

But you know what I mean. The question is, is the number 10?

Some thought the wrong party was a ‘Westminster bubble’ story.

Well, that idea has definitely exploded now.

But we have to learn the right lesson.

It is not that we should have tighter restrictions, more rules and less freedom.

The lesson should be that we must be free.

And that the blockages should no longer exist.

The lesson should be that we should be released and no longer bannedcredit: Alamy

Boris Johnson says he was ‘angry’ when video leaked of employees joking about Downing Street Christmas party

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