Three Scottish Peet’s Whiskey Cocktails Marry Sicilian Street Food

Three Scottish Peet's Whiskey Cocktails Marry Sicilian Street Food

Took secret garden ofhotel W RomeLocated in Rome via Liguria, has hosted a provocative event in recent times that has been able to combineart Clean to that of mixology, thanks to star chef sicio sultano (W Rome restaurant, based on the kitchen of Giano restaurant) and by Master of Mixology, bar manager of W Rome, Emanuel Brocatelli which is capable of enhancing the characteristics of Laphroaig 10Prestigious pt whiskey of the Scottish island of Isle.

Culinary synergy between street food and PT whiskey-based cocktails

There Pete, the natural fuel that feeds the fire Dried barley malt, sea salt and herbs from the wind-swept Scottish island of Islay They’re All In Laphroaig 10 Whiskey, The sea, perennially agitated and sharp, bathes the walls of the distillery and the inhospitable land‘island the southernmost part of the Hebrides And this The distillate that is produced there has traces, His strong notedecided that an event in Rome was interpreted in three in one event, in the Clandestino Gardens of the Hotel W Rome (W Hotels Worldwide). Cocktails By Emanuel Brocatelli, master of mixology and owner of the bar counter.

knew the broccoli spoilage and pleasant taste contaminants with Sicilian and little Roman pair“Produced by Starred Chef Sicio Sultano”Duomo“Ragusa’s He signs the menus and all the food in the hotel restaurant, “Janus”, Their offering is casual, a fusion of Sicilian cuisine and Roman culture, and exudes the most authentic Lazio flavors with native Sicilian ingredients in the restaurant menu and throughout the day’s food formula, which is designed for sharing dishes.

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Emanuel Brocatelli marries Sicilian street food, three cocktails based on Scottish peat whiskey

Emanuel Brocatelli

On the other hand, in desserts, there is no shortage of French finishing touches by pastry chefs. fabrizio fiorani,

Scipio Sultano Three cocktails based on Scottish peat whiskey marry Sicilian street food

sicio sultano

Scottish Whiskey Meets the Tastes of Sicilian

Launched as part of the new LaFroeg campaign, illustrated by the brand ambassador of the distillate Marco GhezThe whiskey tasting both smooth and be Mixed together one range of flavors, and here bread and plankThe rice ballsTake cus cus sword withTake sfincione palermo And, as a grand finale, “Out of the Ideal” PaccheroVelvet declaration of one of the most famous dishes dedicated to Bellini’s work, based on fried eggplant, basil, tomato and salted ricotta. The cocktail was paired with this iconic dish summer toddy (Lafroaig 10, Chili Syrup, Lemon Cucumber Mint Soda), fresh and spicy. with Simplicity (Laphroig 10, Refreshing Salted Honey Sparkling Water) Enjoy Classic Steamed Meatballs With SauceThe typical romaine, with focaccia mortadella and artichokes, while with the final cocktail, foggy day (Lafroaig 10, Smoked Pineapple, Bitter Chocolate) Paris was matched breastChoux pastry is filled with a mixture of cream and butter and garnished with almond flakes.

Il Laphroaig 10 Three Cocktails Based on Scottish Peat Whiskey Marry Sicilian Street Food

Laphroaig 10

Laphroaig Distillery

founded in 1815 by Alex and Donald Johnson, In the southern part of Islay Island, the Lafroaig Distillery, whose name means “beautiful hole on the wide bay”, produces one of the most popular PT whiskey thanks to its unique characteristics and medicinal tone, herbaceous and woody malt biscuits softened rounding. Production is still based on traditional methods, with respect to the area and the water, such as the stream that bathes the distillery.

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W Hotel Worldwide

W Rome (W Hotels Worldwide), in Via Liguria, a step through the Veneto, Marriott is part of Bonvoy’s portfolio of 30 hotel brands, The 147 rooms and 15 suites, spread over two adjacent 19th-century buildings, aim to redefine the concept of luxury hospitality in the Eternal City.footprint Modern and open to new trends Exclusive food and wine experiences and with an eclectic design full of contrasts and blurred boundaries between public and private spaces.

There are many sculptures and works of art on the walls, which are enhanced by the decoration of the black and gray marble floors.either. In the W Lounge, a large skylight fills the spaces with natural light, which is also privileged in all other environments. Starred pairing of Scipio Sultano and chef and pastry chef Fabrizio Fiorani.

W Rome
26/36, Via Liguria, 00187 Rome RM
tel. 06 894121


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