UK rules updated after Brexit

UK rules updated after Brexit

with him Brexit, a lot has changed for those who intend go to work in england, If in the past London and other large centers in the country represented a tangible opportunity to find a new job and gain experience in a highly dynamic and multicultural reality, today those who intend to leave Italy to find jobs across the channel If they are, they must deal with a much more complex system.

In 2021 you can go to work in England only if you have points. In short, we are faced with new rules that do not make it easy to enter English for work purposes.

So let’s look at some details on this topic, to understand what rules must be respected today in order to move to England and find stable employment there.

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Going to work in England: new context

Nominated points based immigration system (PBS), this is the new UK immigration system. As mentioned, after Brexit, the rules regarding the entry of foreign workers into England have changed. Today, all EU citizens are also foreigners in the same way as non-EU citizens. So are the Italians who want to do go to work in england,

These rules are not much different from those in force in Australia and the United States and mean that it is mandatory to find a job in Great Britain:

  • have a qualified educational qualification;
  • knowledge of English;
  • A salary that is close to the national average per capita income (about £27,000 per year).

Clearly this is a system that favors trained and expert resources in a relatively unambiguous manner. To give a simple example, having a technical degree and more than ten years of work experience in specialized roles and functions will certainly increase your chances of permanently entering the English workplace. On the other hand, those hoping to gain work experience, perhaps after graduating from high school, may not find it as easy to enter.

In short, professional skills, experience and talent are now the basis for computing an ad-hoc score. It will be possible to go to work in England only for workers who have scored at least 70 marks.

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Various types of visas have been developed for workers: it will be possible to complete your application, including identity verification, using a smartphone application on the website.

All those who apply for a visa for work reasons must pay a administrative fee And all those who will be in England for more than 6 months will have to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge, which will effectively allow access to the English National Health Service.

So let’s look at what are the main types of visas for going to work in England.

Going to work in England: work permit system for eligible persons

Many would know that Great Britain is no longer part of the European Union since January 1st of this year. This means that even for Italians, getting a job in those parts is less easy than it used to be.

Anyone wishing to work legally in one of the UK countries (England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland) is required to apply for a visa or work permit. the latter is called skilled worker visa And, for the UK, it is aimed at skilled workers.

As mentioned earlier, a score system has been devised by the local authorities to obtain this visa: it is mandatory to obtain 70 points for the issuance of a work visa.

The term of the document in question can be up to 5 years. At the end of this period, the interested party who wishes to continue working in England must apply for a renewal or update of the visa if it is nearing expiration, or if you change employers. After five years, the interested party can also request permanent residence on English soil.

A request for a work permit can be made up to three months prior to the date on which the interested party wishes to commence work in the UK. Once an online request is made, one’s identity is proven and the required documents are displayed, a response will come within three weeks, if the request was issued from our country.

Visa Requirements for Skilled Worker: Here Are What They Are

To get a Visa for Skilled Worker, as mentioned, it is necessary to score 70 and meet all the conditions required for this visa:

  • Intermediate level B1 (10 marks) with respect to knowledge of the English language;
  • Right of job offer or letter of employment. This proposal must be official and approved by the Home Office (our equivalent of the Ministry of the Interior) (20 points);
  • work in a low-staff area (20 points);
  • Salary within the minimum annual level, equivalent to 26,500 pounds, or 30 thousand euros, or the current salary reference for a certain specific job, whichever is higher. In any case, the minimum wage limit cannot be less than £20,480 per year (20 points).
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In addition, it should be noted that visa for skilled worker It is not free, and therefore you must have enough money to pay the costs of the application. It should be noted that the cost is in the hundreds of pounds and in some cases may exceed a thousand. To this should also be added the cost of medical coverage and the costs associated with an English bank account, in order to remain in the land on the other side of the channel.

Some clarifications are necessary regarding the knowledge of the English language. In fact, a Level B1 Knowledge The English language IELTS score is between 4.0 and 5.5, as announced by the British Council of Italy, the official British body for the promotion of cultural relations and educational opportunities. This means that it is necessary to be able to independently manage the 4 areas of knowledge of the English language (listening, reading, writing and communication) even before getting into English.

Therefore British Council Suggests that you check the requirements in time so as not to get caught unprepared if you intend to go to work in England.

Going to work in England: visas for graduates and visas for talents

A special permit is provided for those seeking a university degree in England. This is CD. graduate visa and allows those who have it to work or seek work for a maximum of 2 years (3 for doctoral students) after the end of their studies.

In detail, this undergraduate visa is available to international students sponsored by a student sponsor accredited by the Home Office with a proven track record of complying with UK government immigration requirements.

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Instead, with a visa global talent, England intends to attract emerging talent, as it already does in academia. This permit exempts you from needing to be offered a job prior to arrival. But be forewarned: It’s not aimed at talented professionals from all industries. It is only in the sciences, humanities, engineering, arts (including film, fashion design and architecture) and digital technology who have the knowledge, economics and skills to enrich the wealth of the British Territory Company. So it is indicated on the website of the English government.

It should also be noted that healthcare professionals For those who want to go to work in England, there are elements of benefit. In fact, even with respect to the current health situation, the visa is designed for workers in health facilities health and care Which provides bureaucratic simplification and low cost.

Conclusion: Going to work in England today, opportunities and limitations

before the earthquake BrexitMany young Italians went to England, and especially London, to improve their level of English. To stay in English for a long time, try to get there with your savings and find a job as quickly as possible (such as a waiter or salesman).

Today things have changed a lot. In fact, it is advisable to make sure you already have a good level of English, to find a (very) qualified job, in an area with few employees, and to complete administrative procedures to obtain a visa. For. In short, it is true that opportunities to work in London today are few and there will always be an ever-increasing competitiveness for everyone who intends to work in the largest British city.

But it is equally true that visiting the UK for holidays and business events does not currently require a visa. In fact, it would be possible to visit England for 6 months without obtaining a permit.


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