Upper Hesse State Garden Show 2027 will be the venue

Upper Hesse State Garden Show 2027 will be the venue

IThe left cities and municipalities of Waitreau and Vogelsberg are jointly organizing the State Garden Show 2027. The state government has awarded the contract to the municipalities of Buddingen, Exel, Gedern, Glouberg, Hirzenhain, Kieffenrode, Limshane, Nidda, Ortenberg, Rannstadt and Shotten, which are part of the Upper Hesse Association, as announced on Wednesday Was. Following the cabinet decision announced Prime Minister Volker Bauffier (CDU) and Environment Minister Prisca Hinze (The Greens), associated with it is a state grant of up to three and a half million euros. The first inter-communal state gardening show in Hesse will take place in Waitreau and Vogelsberg.

Wolfram Ahlers

Raine-Main-Zeitung’s correspondent for Central Hesse and Waitreau.

The application was submitted by the cities and municipalities of the old district of Buddingen based on a study by the Plantstat Senr office, which, among other things, made a name for itself with the development of the Inter-municipal Horticulture Show. Remstal in Baden-Württemberg. 16 municipalities from three districts took part in this big event and attracted around 2 million visitors. The organizers there spoke of success. The incident and its preparations had created an identity beyond the limits of the municipal corporation. The Upper Hesse Association is also promising this.

From magnificent forts to historic city centers

The show is to take place in a different format in Waitreau and Vogelsberg. Rather, the mission statement is about exposing a diverse natural and cultural landscape. Visitors should receive effects on nature and landscape management, vegetation in valleys, plateaus, and flood landscapes. The show aims to provide insight into agriculture and forestry that has shaped the region for centuries.

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Municipalities also want to highlight what people have seen for generations, from magnificent palaces and gardens to historic city centers. The format of this state horticultural show should also stand for sustainability, as the region seeks to present itself as an attractive destination for holidays and advertising beyond local entertainment and events. So could a state horticultural show that serves as a campaign for structural funding that benefits both the economy and ecology.

Knowledge has never been more valuable

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Millions of investments range from impulses to the local economy, from landscaping and horticulture to construction and handicrafts to services and catering in particular. Among other things, projects bring more nature and water to cities and villages, so they stand for local development in terms of environment and climate protection. A decentralized concept suitable for the potential, innovative and environmentally friendly, allowing all locations in this landscape to benefit, including those that are not directly included in the show, as it is called.


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