US and UK exchange their customs precisely

US and UK exchange their customs precisely

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As a stall of Brexit negotiations between Brussels and London, the United Kingdom wants to agree with the United States on a reduction in customs duties imposed in the context of a trade dispute over European subsidies to Airbus. Last week, London made a gesture by announcing the exclusion of its own taxes levied on American products. As a result, many taxes on British products could in turn be reduced, and the export product parity imposed especially on the famous Scotch whiskey.

By dissociating itself from the European Union, London intended to quickly settle a free trade agreement promised by President Donald Trump and put forward by the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, as a potential benefit of Brexit.

These expectations were tempered by the Trump administration’s Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer. The US official suggested that the US could actually reduce punitive fees on other things, including Scotch whiskey. But at the prospect of achieving a comprehensive post-Brexit agreement, he was more cautious.

London was expected to sign the agreement by 2020, but the epidemic and transition of power in the White House delayed negotiations. According to Robert Lighthizer, the deal is still possible, but not without compromise. For example, the UK may agree to import products such as chlorine-washed chicken or hormone-filled beef from Europe under very low standards.

The agreement will also depend on future relations between Britain and the European Union. The European Union is by far the largest trading partner of the United States, which recruited a US official.

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