Usbek & Rica – Scotland: Periodic Protection Free, A World First

Usbek & Rica - Scotland: Periodic Protection Free, A World First

The law also requires schools, colleges and universities to provide these products for free. The idea is that their generalization is as broad as possible across the region. An objective that does not have to be too complicated to achieve, for a few years, companies, restaurants and even sports clubs have started providing these protections in their toilets, both self-serving and independently.

As the story goes Guardian, The decision is above all the result of a long-term mobilization by Monica Lennon, a spokesman for the Scottish Labor Party in charge of health issues, but also of trade unions, women’s organizations and local charities. ” This will bring a huge change in the lives of women, girls and all those who have a period., Certifies a person belonging to the British daily … (…) There has been a profound change in the way we discuss rules in public life. A few years ago, menstruation was not openly discussed in Parliament. Members have raised the issue, whether it is about menopause, endometriosis or the type of periodic protection we use. ยป

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