Video with tax officials: what changes now

Video with tax officials: what changes now

There will no longer be any direct contact with the administrative officers of the revenue agency and will instead be privileged to communicate with the taxpayer through the web: this is the direction the tax authorities intend to take, as explained in an interview Messenger by general manager Ernesto Maria Ruffini.

tax records and notices

The Fisco car is ready to start again.“We have refrained from sending documents to citizens only as requested by the government and parliament. But now we are slowly recovering. Revenue has already resumed and recovery will resume in September”. Meanwhile, 175 new ones are on the launch pad for the big September appointments in the revenue agency. senior officer, who took charge after the conclusion of an old competition. “And we have already started a new competition for another 160 officers, which will take place next year. In addition, we have asked SNA to select an additional 45 officers who have already entered service. We Can say that we have now passed the crucial stage for the assignment. Management “.

But aside from the abundance of officers on the horizon, as employees How is the situation? “In the last 8 years, the workforce has increased from 41,583 in 2012 to 31,312 in December 2020”, reveals Ruffini. “But already last year we completed a competition with the arrival of 560 new officers. And on 13 August we started a new competition for 2420 positions: Tax Officers, but also Computer Scientist, Data Scientist, Specialist Officer in international taxation, in legal activities, in personal data protection, in management control, in tax data analysts and cyber security analysts”.

Great care will be taken in the fight againsttax evasion, as clearly envisaged in the primary objectives of the Draghi government, which is why the increase in personnel would be particularly relevant to this class of tax officers. “For the most part, resources will be allocated to 348 regional revenue offices that are scattered throughout the region. Including 202 collection branches”.

Web Services

With the stated motivation to avoid the queues at the counters due to COVID, the revenue agency is gearing up to work without direct contact with the taxpayers. “We must separate the two agencies. Revenue, electronic invoicing, electronic transmission of tax receipts, pre-filled VAT returns and VAT registers on purchases and sales are now part of the daily newspaper. In short, that project is already a reality. Is”. Tax officials are ready for the common citizen also. In addition to many computer applications, “Without going to the office, it is now possible to request issuance of a certificate, tax code and health card, request a refund, submit a tax return, which is enriched with additional data already filled by the deduction agency every year . , submit a declaration of succession, register a lease, consult the cadastre and mortgage database”. And what is most important, especially in the event that the employee is reduced to the bone, is to be able to book appointments in the office: “Just imagine that this year 80 percent of citizens who come to our offices have already booked appointments, compared to only 8 percent in 2019”, Ruffini says proudly.

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as well Collection Already ready to operate remotely, given that on specific site “You can request information and support for various folders and notices, check your loan status, download, fill out and send loan repayment forms, suspension of collection or paid excess Can request reimbursement of amounts that are deposited directly. Activate the service ‘If I forgot’ to pay for folders and receive deadline reminders, on your current account”, explains the general manager.

online desk

Another innovation, which will make a decisive contribution to leaving the path of direct contact with the administrative authorities, will be the so-called ‘Sportello Online’: “This will allow citizens to book a web appointment with an operator with whom they will be able to talk face-to-face via video call, but without physically visiting the counter”. In short, everything is ready, at least in Ruffini’s plans. we must leave in the fall “With Rome and with the regions of Milan, Brescia, Bologna, Modena, Bari and Lecce, and then, progressively, also in other provincial regions. A similar service would later be carried out in the Revenue Agency”.

Ruffini finds a way to quote at the end of the interview Adam Smith, arguing that a decision to act as such would take into account the advice of a Scottish economist, who “In 1776 he said that every tax should be collected over time and in the way it is likely to be convenient for the taxpayer”.


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