Viral Video on Tik Tok-

Viral Video on Tik Tok-
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The Duchess, accompanied by Charlotte and Louis, flew from London to Scotland in economy: a passenger recognized the royals and filmed everything. Also in 2019, he had given up private jets for conventional aircraft.

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, flew to Scotland on a scheduled flight in economy class. a video shared on tik tok Kate with her seven-year-old daughter, Princess Charlotte, and their four-year-old son, Prince Louis, as they board the plane. A passenger who saw this scene wrote on TikTok: Kate Middleton, both children, nanny and security, on a flight to Scotland. The Duchess has once again opted to skip the private flights and amaze everyone by choosing a scheduled flight.

In the middle of the flight, the Duchess would get up from her seat to pick up a tablet for her children from her hand luggage, people present there said. Smile at everyone. In short, an added point for Kate who is now set to be queen is loved by the people but also by the tabloids who regard her as the ideal wife for William and the appropriate woman to lead the kingdom alongside her husband. Recognize as image. This is the second time the Duchess has been seen on a scheduled flight to Scotland, the last being in August 2019: and by then it was already a media success.

most beautiful in the world

Not all: The Duchess of Cambridge was crowned the most beautiful woman in the world for 2022 by English magazine Tatler. The wife of Prince William and future Queen of England, ranked first among the world’s best-dressed women, also praised her ability to mix designer clothing with already used and democratic pieces. Among brands at heart, Alexander McQueen with Sarah Burton who created her wedding dress, Emilia Wickstead, from Roland Mouret to Jenny Packham, from Stella McCartney, daughter of a Beatles star, to Italian Luisa Spagnoli.

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In particular, Kate was mesmerized by the look she sported during one of the latest public events at Ascot last June 17: in a white dress with black polka dots signed by Italian-born designer Alessandra Rich and in My Fair Lady or Lady A straw hat D style with flowers. A style that belongs to the Duchess of Cambridge, a sovereign superstar – wrote Tatler magazine – her look follows current trends in fashion and regards the length of the dress and the sculpting of the silhouette. There’s never a wrong move, both in sportswear and on gala occasions and official meetings: Kate Middleton not only misses a dress, it’s always copied.

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