Weekend to stay. The Last in Circus Maximus and Simple Minds in the Auditorium. Large events including concerts, shows, exhibitions

 Weekend to stay.  The Last in Circus Maximus and Simple Minds in the Auditorium.  Large events including concerts, shows, exhibitions

concert of The last In Circus Maximus. and of that simple mind, in the Auditorium Parco della Musica. It will be a Sunday, July 17th, under the banner of the great and very great names in music, to kick off the rich program of Roman weekend events.

music, Many appointments on notes. Danilo Rei, Roberto Gatto and Pierpaolo RanieriOn July 14, he will be the hero on the stage of the review “Under the sky of the castle of Santa Severa”.

danilo ri

The next day, the review will appear on the platform toscaAlong with the album “Morabezza”, with which he received two tenko plates as Best Song Interpreter and, thanks to the song “I Loved Everything”, Best Song.

On July 15 in Villa Ada, the spotlights will turn onorchestration,

Marco Konidic

same date for Karl Brave Which will be for Rock in Roma at the Capanel Hippodrome.

welfare stateHe will be at Schuster Park on the 16th.

Then, in fact, the double Sunday appointment. of live. sold out a while ago The last, July 17 at the Circus Maximus. The tour will conclude with a double event in Milan. A UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador since 2019, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Ultimo tour tickets will donate to projects to fight malnutrition and support vaccination, water systems and sanitation in Mali.

and also on 17th July simple mind At the Auditorium Parco della Musica, with a tour celebrating the founding and leadership of the band for 40 years by Jim Kerr and Charlie Burchill. The appointment follows the publication of “40: The Best of – 1979–2019”, a collection created to bring together the group’s most famous and favorite songs, including one unreleased track, ‘For One Night’. Cover is included. Only by ‘King Creosote.

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Boat Jazz. Notes on Tiber as well. After the success of the dinner and tram concerts, comes Artour’s new proposal, Boat Jazz, by Rossella Taverna. It made its debut on the 19th “a night in orleans”, with Sweetfire Band. And on the 21st, with Vanessa Cremaschi and Diana Tejera,”Tribute to Gabriella Ferrick”, with violin and guitar.

review From July 15th to 17th, in Village Salimontana, Gispy Mini Fest, At the event, the first evening at Hot Club Rome, 16th Leila Duclos, Massimo Barella was also accompanying for the occasion. And Daniele Corvas Manouche Trio and Renato Gaton will alternate at the July 16 and 17 brunch.

Hot Club Rome

Opera. From July 15, in the Baths of Caracalla, for the summer season of the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, “carmenBy Bizet, in the original version by Valentina Carrasco, taken by Lorenzo Nansini, moderated by Jordi Bernasser.

Stage. Gigi Proetti New appointment at Globe Theater Silvano Totti: Between skit and romantic comedy, from July 15 to 31comedy of error”, directed by Loredana Scaramella.

and until 16 in the Roman theater of Ostia Antica, “Supermagic Summer 2022,

do. Humility and self-denial on the pitch. And so much respect for the fans, so much so that he took a knee when he scored. It is the story of a footballer from the past and the story of a kind and humble footballer who is then marginalized by his own surroundings to re-live the show.”needle mute captain“With Ariel Vincenti, who will retell the story of Agostino di Bartolomei, on the 14th, a unique evening at 7 of the Theater, to celebrate his memory, recalling his figure, values, vision and drama. , also to encourage reflection, a reality that now seems distant and on values ​​that in the world of football – and not only – should not be forgotten.

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festival. Building on the success of the previous edition, brin festival, in its second edition, animate the Marcella and Maurizio Ferrara Gardens in Piazza Brin alla Garbatella from Tuesday to Sunday, featuring concerts, meetings, book presentations, shows and events for children. With the Red Swing Trio on stage on July 14″Metropolitan swings from the 1920s to the present day“. Saturday, Connemara ClosedCeltic musical group born in Rome in 2000 with Irish, Scottish, Breton and Galician repertoire.

art. First Weekend, “For” at the Capitoline Museum in Villa CafarelliDominion Emperor, Hate and Love“: About a hundred sculptures, fragments of frescoes and mosaics to examine the controversial figure of the emperor.

In the Palazzo Bonaparte, from 14 July, “Han Yuchen. Tibet, splendor and purity”, for the first time in Rome, a large retrospective on the artist. Curators, Gabriele Simongini and Nicolina Bianchi. “Landscapes and humans in Han Yuchen’s Tibet become the protagonists of a single mysterious, almost impenetrable story, where genuine pride and everyday life coexist and the purity of the light of the places and the vital energy of the characters who animate them – they say Nicolina Bianchi – shepherd, guardian, nomad, monk who shares time with wisdom and divides it into his simple and authentic life ». Gabriele Simongini comments: “Han Yuchen in great discomfort Together we realize that the impressive technological progress of our times and the desire for continued economic growth are in contrast to the growing moral impoverishment and deterioration of the individual universe and human relations. For them Tibet is a kind of “homeland” of the soul, lost and original, to be rediscovered. He has a moral realism that intends to present an idealized and perhaps utopian model for a simpler and more spiritual life.

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