What is meant by Sustainable City?

What is meant by Sustainable City?

For Eco-Sustainable City We mean a city model that aims to become smarter, greener and more efficient. but what a good sustainable city, It aims to reduce the global footprint as much as possible and not further affect its biodiversity as well as improve the lives of citizens, guaranteeing equal opportunities for all, using and increasing their resources where possible. Is.

aims at improve our habits And our development model has not proved to be sustainable for the citizens of the present and also for the generations to come. Such changes are thought to be respect for the environment and citizensTo improve your life with more practical, simple, unbiased solutions, and which offer a dignified life for all.

Sustainable Cities in Italy

but what are Eco-sustainable cities in Italy, Is A list was drawn up, called Urban Ecosystem 2021, created by Legambiente, which includes 105 capitals and has a theoretical maximum score of 100%. According to legambient i standards must be respected They have six components: air, water, waste, mobility, energy and the urban environment.

Trento is the winner of 2021, not only confirming the title already achieved in 2019, but also improving its status as a city. The most ecological in Italy, going up from an overall score of 81.20% to a score of 84.71%. These results were possible thanks to a special sensitivity aimed at increasing the cycle spaces, increasing the separate waste collection and improving the average values. production of nitrogen dioxide (NO2).

Mantua certainly deserves attention, with its score of 75.14% once again making it onto the stage thanks to its program. “Mantua Sustainable City”A project that was developed before COVID-19, focusing on tourism to protect the climate and the environment, works as much as possible with its own means regional Development And this increase in resourcesPromote slower and more respectful tourism to the community.

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Sustainable Cities Around the World

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is an action plan that aims to ensure a better present and future for our planet and citizens. signed by the United Nations in 2015 and expressed in 17 Sustainable Development Goals 169 targets have declined. This project manages to outline our habits and the instability of our development model. Objectives include ensuring equitable and inclusive education, removing inequalities and ensuring equal opportunities for all citizens. The challenge is divided into 3 areas: environmental, economic and social And they are closely related to each other.

to increase Eco-sustainable cities around the world It is possible to mention cities such as Copenhagen, which is considered state-of-the-art by National Geographic, which has been included in the “World’s Best 2021” list. To achieve this, Copenhagen has developed sustainability as a way of life. A notable example is of course a waste-to-energy plant. amager boxes In Christianshavn district: The plant is capable of heating 60,000 homes and supplies energy to another 30,000. Is It has also become a place for recreation, offering plenty of hiking trails and 500m ski slopes.

Another great example is the structure copenhillA plant capable of eliminating city generated waste in an easy, economical and sustainable manner. Thanks to an investment of $670 million, to date the structure has been able to burn 400,000 tons of solid waste every year.

Copenhagen is also committed to becoming the first zero-emissions city by 2025. another example of ecological cities in the world Stockholm has to offer: managed to win the European Green Capital Award in 2010 for its commitment since 1990. It has managed to cut CO2 emissions by 25%.

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Stockholm also has a completely eclectic neighborhood, Hammarby Sjöstad: This district was an industrial area, then it was reclaimed and now it can claim self-sufficiency in terms of energy. The district situated on the banks of the lake, its main energy source is water. The hydroelectric power plant manages to meet almost the total energy needs of over 8,000 apartments located, followed only by Energy panels, biomass and biogas.

Sustainable Cities Ranking

What are the cities that have been able to organize a model capable of making the spaces between themselves more efficient, digital and livable? you can refer sustainable development goals It was defined in 2015 by 193 UN member states. In the first place we find Gothenburg, which is considered “the most sustainable tourist destination in the world”. Global Destination Sustainability Index, It is characterized by great walkability and organic food coming from its urban farms.

GlasgowScotland is an exemplary city: it received the prestigious “Global Green City” award in 2020. The award was won by parameters based on low CO2 production,city ​​energy efficiencyThe vastness of open spaces and moderate use of private vehicles, giving priority to public transport thanks to their absolute efficiency.

reykjavikIceland remains a prime example of how it is possible to become carbon neutral by 2040 thanks to its climate plan signed by Mayor Dagur Egertsson. Thanks to the presence of rivers and volcanoes, the city manages to reach excellent people Renewable energy: Electricity is obtained exclusively from hydroelectric plant, while heating is provided by geometric plant.

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another example of Eco-Sustainable Cities in the World Tyrol is Austria which, like Mantua, promotes a type of sustainable tourism: according to Florian Phelps, Managing Director of Tyrol VerbungnaWhat is needed is an efficient public transport model, access to the mountains for local transport, a 0 km culinary proposition and sports equipment sharing.

how to make the city sustainable

A city can be considered sustainable when it assures citizens green spaces, Possibility to move around using urban means, making spaces livable and providing greater access various technologies.

How to make the city sustainable? features include:

  • access to public transport, such as the metro, buses and shared taxis;
  • separate collection operations;
  • Creation of green spaces such as parks or botanical gardens to absorb CO₂ emissions;
  • the use of renewable or energy-saving energies, such as photovoltaic or micro-wind systems;
  • More widespread use of digital documents to avoid deforestation and the production of paper waste.

A sustainable city must ensure such characteristics as: public wi-fiAllowing citizens to be able to stay connected and updated without producing waste. In order to avoid vehicular movement and resultant pollution, it is necessary to propose smartworking Wherever possible as an option. Public administration, with the cooperation of citizens, can convert all paper files into digital files, avoiding unnecessary wastage. It is necessary to consider alternative energy sources using technologies a Energy Saving,


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