Wingstop test using chicken thighs as the price of the wing increases

Wingstop test using chicken thighs as the price of the wing increases

Wing stop Testing the bony chicken thighs amidst the price increase on the wings.

Dallas based fast food Q with analysts on Monday. During the earnings call, the company said that in an effort to curb the cost of its popular wings, the chain removed the bone marrow thighs two weeks ago.

Wingstop is examining the chicken thigh bone.

The chain, known for fried chicken wings in spicy sauces such as green peppers, original hot and hiccup-smoked barbecue, said it has worked on a deal with its largest poultry supplier that has “reduced the impact of constant chicken wings on the bones. In the near term, ”Wingstop CEO Charlie Morris told analysts Restaurant business online.

Wingst sells OP with coronavirus

Despite the closure of about 1,500 dining rooms during the epidemic, customers continue to flock to the chicken chain. Digital sales rose 47% at the end of the first quarter due to place-home orders earlier this year and people ordering food for pick-up and delivery.

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Rest restaurant Runt Q1 estimated 95 net new openings in 2020 and the best quarter for unit growth has been in those four years, probably as a result of fast food and skyrocketing during epidemics.

King 3 has seen a 25.4% increase in sales of Wingstop’s similar store and the chain plans to increase its restaurant opening estimates from 135 to 140 for FY2020.

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