XIV Faito Doc International and Thematic Festival of Documentary Cinema

XIV Faito Doc International and Thematic Festival of Documentary Cinema

In the originality of Faito Doc Combining “inherently cinematic” space with Seventh Artfed by one spirit of joyful fraternity Which reaches the participant, actor or spectator of the event, making him the hero of a cultural party.

As it turns out from our site too. https://faitodocfestival.com/il-festival/ writers And directors Come from around the world with their own vision of realityTo present your film.

FEstival has sowed a wealth of ideas and values ​​over fifteen years Which has given Monte Feto a cultural relevance, as well as reviving the spirit of the area and encouraging good energy and new activities on the spot.

Il Feto is a place suburbanA natural park situated 1,131 meters above the sea that embraces two The bay facing the islands of Naples, Vesuvius, Capri, Ischia and Procida … It is a landscape steeped in nostalgia, which appears and disappears in the clouds.

The sensory qualities of this mountain on the sea lend themselves to comparing how reality is told in cinema, to giving life to creative documentary projections, to proposing meetings and debates, to comparing strong and personal ideas and perspectives. .

Belvedere and changing light become at the same time and thanks to cinema a beautiful view of the world in which we live.

came to him XV versionFaito Doc follows its objective of revealing and enhancing new forms of cinematographic languages ​​to tell reality.

From Direct Cinema to Animation, from Intimate to Experimental Cinema, FEstival reveals to the public the qualities of the author’s documentary, a genre that is still poorly distributed.

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Like every year, it brings together documentary films from around the world on a universal theme. “Brotherhood”, “Reincarnation”, “Passion”, “Identity”, “Madness”, “Movement”, “Empathy”, “Inbreeding”, “Return”, “Horizon”, “Vertigo”, “Rhythm”, “2020 Metamorphosis I »and in 2021 Metamorphosis II»; “Getaway“It will be there 2022 Theme To amplify and cinematically analyze the changes we are still experiencing in our society.

fato Doctor Festival It is one of the real cinema lovers’ destinations and many foreign as well as Italian directors nominate their work in one of these Announcementshoping to get selected in international competitions.

The number of youth willing to participate in the program has also increased. camping area Fato Doctor Camp He was born for FNearby “movie theater“Thank you for Filangieri. friends of of Castellamare, it’s a beautiful‘Example, Phaeto Doctor Festival Mantohyena in every version qualities of empathy And share and proposenAnd a taste of the best international autobiographical documentary making meeting with the directors and/or the protagonists of the films for the public.

Fthematic estimate This allows us to deepen and bring together a universal demand with many aspects.

international jury Will be composed, this year by: bryce giannico ,programmer BoF La Ciotat – France), gaspard geerse ,vidista And archaeologist, Belgium, Will you live? francini ,fitter, Italy, yorgos arrhythmia ,the director Of photography, Greece), Olga lukovnikova ,film director, moldova, elinor Hollin.


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