10 stars who got their tattoos

10 stars who got their tattoos

Even though they live a life of rhinestones and sequins, Stars They are still human. Like everyone else, they also make some mistakes and move forward on the path of their life. Some people feel sorry, especially, after walking through the door of the salon one day. tattoo, without considering their project carefully. Others simply feel that the design engraved on their body no longer suits them.

Whatever the case, many celebrities have decided remove tattoo, We quote ten of them in this slideshow.

How to remove tattoo?

If getting a tattoo was a sure gesture, it is now possible to remove the images imprinted on our skin. But the process is long, unpleasant and expensive. tattoo removal is done here laser, over several sessions. This will fragment the ink droplets into the skin until it is no larger than 5 or 10 microns. This will allow the body to absorb them.

To date, use the most effective laser technology cue switch Where picosecond, The first is more economical (between 150 and 300 € per session), but it lasts longer, as sessions must be spaced two months apart. The second is faster, as it allows you to do one session per month. But it is also more expensive: count between 300 and 400 € for a session.

Note that, depending on the size of your tattoo, but also the ink used, or the pigmentation of the skin, the number of sessions required may be more or less significant. In general, color Red And Black Huh easy to delete, while green and blue last longer.

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