12 Best LGBTIQ Movies on Amazon Prime

12 Best LGBTIQ Movies on Amazon Prime

Brokeback Mountain (2005)

Ang Lee’s play is about two cowboys who develop intense feelings for each other in the midst of a vast but barren landscape, but never find each other due to external and all internal restrictions, all in 2005 (Forbidden) lowered boundaries and exited. Be at the grassroots: “Brokeback Mountain” inspired social discourse about masculinity, homosexuality, terminology and images of LGBTIQ rights and also created a trend within Hollywood: Since “Brokeback Mountain”, more and more queues The themes and characters have found their way into mainstream productions. , And his portrayals are also more intricately and authentically lost to the heartwarming love drama. Towards reality, away from the cliché: “Brokeback Mountain” played a major role in it.

But the film’s biggest strength (in the lead roles of Jack Gelenhaal and Heath Ledger) is that it had no intention. Ang Lee (or Annie Proulx, author of the short story of the same name on which the film is based) was not out to break tabloids, provoke or make political arguments. All “Brokebeck Mountain” wants is to be told about a great love that belongs to those who are together but cannot be together. “Brokebeck Mountain” is a very quiet, very slow, very sensitive and for the same reason a timeless film monument to tolerance, kinship, longing and love.

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