6th September 2021 day

6th September 2021 day

Dear Readers,

20 days until the federal election. Is that the last bounce? Unlike the other two candidates for chancellor, Annalena Berbock does not want to meet Emmanuel Macron in France, Olaf Scholz praised Chancellor Merkel in an ntv.de interview, and Armin Leshtet no longer wants to talk about the survey results. As is well known, he has recently let down union politicians. some people think Final surge before federal election “Out of Breath” on September 26.

“Breathe Out” – That Was One of the Greatest Movies Too French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo. As reported today, he passed away at the age of 88. In the 1960s he was seen as a staple of sophisticated “Novel Velocity” cinema and a symbol of rebellion and anarchy. with his boxy nose and his wrinkled face He became the hero of a new generation of film stars who were no longer handsome heroes.

Today I want to close the day and wish you a peaceful night with a quote from Belmondo. He was physically weak after suffering a stroke in 2001, he said when he received the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016:

“I would say I did everything I wanted. I love the sun. I love the sea, voila.”

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