A breathtaking trailer for Thar Rahim’s thriller on Guantánamo

A breathtaking trailer for Thar Rahim's thriller on Guantánamo

Actor searched inside A prophet Inspired by the story of a man, he is impressed in his new film, which remained locked in Guantanamo for 15 years without trial or accusation.

Taher Rahim on his way to the Oscars? According to the first echo of the Anglo-Saxon pressThe actor seems to have got the role of his life in his new film, ConvictedInspired by the story of a man who remained locked up in Guantánamo for 15 years without any trial or accusation.

A trailer was unveiled on Tuesday. Announcement of the first images, a film in the tradition of roughA prophet, Jacques Aucard’s film that revealed Tahar Rahim in 2009. The actor has regained the intensity of his acting, which impressed both audiences and critics.

Directed by Kevin McDonald (Last king of scotland), Convicted Is inspired by Card of Guantánamo by Mohammedold Slahi, a Mauritanian transported to the United States by his country after the September 11, 2001 attacks. He spent fifteen years in Guantanamo before being released in October 2016.

Taher Rahim responded to Jody Foster, Shailene Woodley and Benedict Cumberbatch. Now to release on 17 February. The actor will also be featured in a mini-series soon, Snake, Also inspired by a true story: Serial Killer’s Charles SobhrajSuspected of killing about twenty tourists in Asia between 1975 and 1976.

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