A sailor’s song becomes an event for Internet users on Tiktok.

Un chant de marins devient un phénomène grâce à des internautes sur TikTok

Wellerman is a 19th century New Zealand fisherman song. Nobody cares until now. Except, the song has seen an unexpected surge in popularity for Ticktock. It all started with a simple cover of a young Scottish musician … Then, Internet users began to sing in the chorus.

Since July last year, Nathan Evans has been posting videos of him singing “Samudra Shanti”, which also includes Maritime Shanti. Sometimes enough to make these forgotten songs lit.

But it was his interpretation of The Wellman in December that hit the world.


The Wellerman. # Shanti #Sea # Shanti # Viral # Bounce #Acoustic # Pirate #New # Original #fyp #for you #foryoupage # Singer #Cottisinger # secret

. Original Sound – NATHANEVANSS

His video has been viewed more than 9 million times and musician Andrew Lloyd Webber is one of the celebrities who recorded himself singing alongside the former postman.

The song, which we do not know the author (s) today, describes the impatience of a whaler crew awaiting the arrival of sugar, tea and rum.


# answer @Nathanevanss to anyone with a fisherman friend? – Team ALW # Shanti

. Original Sound – NATHANEVANSS

The advantage with TikTok is that you can take a great video and We can add another layer. For example the duet feature allows you to sing with your favorite star.

In the case of sea songs, Internet users have enjoyed connecting the choir and instruments. The result is perfect harmony.


# answer Here with me @ sguerraandre I want to join with the serenity Tiktok

. Original Sound – NATHANEVANSS

And similarly…

Admit it, you have it in mind right now.

For 26-year-old young singer Nathan Evans, this success has changed his life. He quit his postman job to sign with the very prestigious record company Polydor.

“Sailors’ songs were made to bring people together, to sing them, to caress their feet and clap all together,” Nathan Evans, interviewed by American channel NBC, rejoices.

Above all, these songs allowed sailors to keep their spirits up during difficult times. There is no doubt why The Wellman is a hit in 2021.

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