Angel: She makes tartan skirts fabulously modern

Angel: She makes tartan skirts fabulously modern

Angel is one of those It-girls who have marked 2021 this year. On December 2, they surprised their fans by announcing a surprise release a week before the initial availability date of their new album “Nonante-Cinque”. Containing twelve tracks, including the hit single “Bruxels je taime”, it is the second work by the Belgian artist, after “Brl” and a certified double diamond disc, released in October 2018. A few days ago, Netflix unveiled a documentary dedicated to the young artist, detailing his relationship with success, the media, social networks and his new life as a celebrity. A busy end to the year that doesn’t stop her from keeping in touch with her fans on Instagram.

His latest publication was also reminiscent of his effortless style. The artist cultivates a lady-hair style which she plays well. Hair clips, rubber rings and heart shapes on all the fingers, schoolgirl skirt… She has retained her teenage spirit.

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How to wear tartan printed skirt in winter?

Angela’s thing is a schoolgirl skirt. Red with a kilt-effect check, with a rhinestone border around the waist, or even reimagined with the iconic Burberry print, the singer creates this collection and wears it all season long. On her Instagram account, we see her wearing a schoolgirl skirt with thick dresses, big yellow, green and red checks – the perfect color for the season, which brings excitement and instantly warms up her look. Is. To ward off the cold, she paired it with a pair of black tights, and a big dark knit sweater with a trucker neck, the current trend. Side shoes, she wore a pair of high black boots. In other words, like Angel, you can dare to wear a short tartan skirt in any season, and you just need to choose the right pieces to go with it.

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