Back 2010 February 2010: Paul criticizes Hollywood rainbow bagel NHS criticism

Back 2010 February 2010: Paul criticizes Hollywood rainbow bagel NHS criticism

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Judge Paul L. Hollywood said the rainbow bagels ‘represent the NHS’ in last night’s episode after the Great British Back Off fans warmed up.

The bakers were given a colorful technical challenge at Bread Week as Paul L and Pru Leith asked them to make six rainbow bagels.

However, he did not accept the six-colored rainbow flag, designed by artist and activist Gilbert Baker and used by the LGBTQ community at Pride since 1978, but felt that the current health crisis gave it a new meaning. Is.

When Pro asked why he challenged, Pa Paul Lay explained: ‘I think bagels are a big challenge when you make bread. You have to boil them which is unusual.

‘I think there are rainbow colors for me, although its origins are in the states, I think it represents the NHS. It certainly does now. ‘

People are using the rainbow to thank NHS and frontline workers during the coronavirus epidemic, there are many drawings in their windows to make the thank you and flag available for buy online.

However viewers did not have it and he shared his outrage on Twitter.

Bakers whip rainbow bagels for technical challenge (Photo: Channel 4)
Paul Paul Hollywood said the epidemics came to ‘represent the NHS’ during the epidemic (Picture: Channel 4)

‘NHS bagel? Why can’t it be a Pride Bagel? A gay bagel? A gazelle, ‘read a comment.

A stunned viewer tweeted: “It’s a U.S. Although originated in I think the rainbow represents the NHS ” level of ignorance … appropriation… I… ‘

Posted on another back fan fan: ‘NHS = Rainbow. I don’t think ‘when someone noticed:’ You just know they say “NHS bread” to talk to Gay. Oops, we can predict. ‘

The episode saw Paul backing Herr Ramin for his soda bread from his second ‘Hollywood Live Handshake’ series while Mark – who accidentally sprinkled himself in the buttermilk – was named Star Baker.

Rowan, meanwhile, ran out of time in the competition.

He said after leaving: ‘I am really satisfied. I’ve had a great time, it’s boring but also very rewarding. ‘

Next week’s celebration is Chocolate Week with Showstopper which will test the bakers ’skills from white chocolate.

The Great British Back f airs on Channel 4 on Tuesdays at 8 p.m.

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